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Public Personnel Management

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Titel:   Public Personnel Management
Reihe:   Longman
Autor:   Donald E. Klingner / John Nalbandian / Jared E Llorens
Verlag:   Pearson
Einband:   Softcover
Auflage:   6
Sprache:   Englisch
Seiten:   384
Erschienen:   Januar 2010
ISBN13:   9780136026884
ISBN10:   0-13-602688-5
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Public Personnel Management


Distinguished by its coherent values perspective, Public Personnel Management focuses on the conflicts, political processes, and management techniques that provide the context for personnel administration in the public sector.


Organized around the four principal personnel functions that must be fulfilled in any complex organization, this book provides a comprehensive exploration of the planning, acquisition, development, and sanctions within public personnel management.




With case studies, exercises, real-world examples, and comprehensive study questions, this book facilitates the practical application of personnel management.

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New to this Edition

New to this Edition:
- Emphasis on the use of technology in recruitment and selection, and the virtual workplace

- Extensive coverage on performance-based pay and dilemmas with individual versus team-based performance assessment and rewards.

- Focus on the conflict between preventative health care and the need to contain health care costs

- Analysis of outsourcing, independent contractors, volunteers, NGOs, and temporary employees

- Coverage of bioterrorism, terrorism, and communicable diseases

…And much more!

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Table of Contents


1. The World of Public Personnel Management                                        

    Exercise: Values and Functions in Public Personnel Management

    Case Study: Political Clearance for “Buck” Pleake


2. Doing Public HRM in the United States                                                

    Case Study: Choosing a Municipal Personnel Director



3. Strategic Thinking about HRM                                                             

    Exercise: Evaluating Your Human Resources Management System


4. The HR Role in Planning, Budgeting, Performance Management and Program Evaluation                                                                                              

    Case Study #1: A Day In The Life Of A City Manager

    Case Study #2: Privatization

    Case Study #3: Between A Rock And A Hard Place


5. Defining and Organizing Work                                                             

    Case Study:  Who's Most Qualified to be Minority Recruitment Director?


6. Rewarding Work: Pay and Benefits                                                      

    Case Study: Reducing Unscheduled Absenteeism



7. Social Equity and Diversity Management                                                          

    Exercise: Equal Employment Opportunity or Affirmative Action?

    Case Study #1: Social Equity vs. Employee Rights

    Case Study #2: From EEO & AA to Diversity Management


8. Recruitment, Selection and Promotion                                                  

    Exercise: Driving Forces of Change in Recruitment and Selection

    Case Study: Information Technology Recruitment



9. Leadership and Performance in Turbulent Times                                   

    Case Study #1: Requiem for a Good Soldier

    Case Study #2: Recruiting a Water Plant Technician

    Exercise: Psychological Contracts


10. Training, Education and Staff Development                                           

    Case Study #1: Develop A Diversity Training Program

    Case Study #2: Training Vignettes

    Case Study #3: “How Should This Management Team Work Together?”


11. Performance Appraisal                                                                        

    Case Study: Evaluating Appraisal Instruments


12. Safety and Health                                                                                            

    Case Study #1: Developing a Workplace AIDS Policy

    Case Study #2: Workplace Violence: “In Hindsight, We Could See it Coming”



13. Organizational Justice                                                                           

    Case Study: Juan Hernandez vs. The County


14. Collective Bargaining                                                                           

Case Study: Good Management Or Bargaining In Bad Faith?


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