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Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives

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Titel:   Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives
Reihe:   Prentice Hall
Autor:   Bimal K. Bose
Verlag:   Prentice Hall
Einband:   Hardcover
Auflage:   1
Sprache:   Englisch
Seiten:   710
Erschienen:   Oktober 2001
ISBN13:   9780130167439
ISBN10:   0-13-016743-6


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Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives

Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives


For upper level undergraduate and graduate level courses in electrical engineering, as well as a reference book for professionals and researchers.

This text presents the basics of electrical power conversion and control through the use of power semiconductor switches. In addition, by demonstrating the practical applications of power electronics and motion control using AC electrical machines in transportation and industry, among other uses, Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives reflects the latest advances in industrial automation.


  • State-of-the-art coverage-Of power electronics and motor drive technology.
    • Gives students the latest information available on power electronics, as well as the practical applications of the technology to provide motion control in factories, transportation systems, and pump and blower dryers.

  • Individual chapters-On the intelligent control of drives through the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques such as expert systems, fuzzy logic, and neural networks.
    • Gives students insight into the future of power electronics.

  • Power electronics and drives in energy conservation-And their role in protecting the environment.
    • Provides students with a comprehensive overview of the potential value of power electronics in addition to their obvious practical applications.

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Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter begins with an Introduction and concludes with a Summary and References.)


List of Principal Symbols.

1. Power Semiconductor Devices.

Diodes. Thyristors. Triacs. Gate Turn-Off Thyristors (GTOs). Bipolar Power or Junction Transistors (BPTs or BJTs). Power MOSFETs. Static Induction Transistors (SITs). Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs). MOS-Controlled Thyristors (MCTs). Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristors (IGCTs). Large Band-Gap Materials for Devices. Power Integrated Circuits (PICs).

2. AC Machines for Drives.

Induction Machines. Synchronous Machines. Variable Reluctance Machine (VRM).

3. Diodes and Phase-Controlled Converters.

Diode Rectifiers. Thyristor Converters. Converter Control. EMI and Line Power Quality Problems.

4. Cycloconverters.

Phase-Controlled Cycloconverters. Matrix Converters. High-Frequency Cycloconverters.

5. Voltage-Fed Converters.

Single-Phase Inverters. Three-Phase Bridge Inverters. Multi-Stepped Inverters. Pulse Width Modulation Techniques. Three-Level Inverters. Hard Switching Effects. Resonant Inverters. Soft-Switched Inverters. Dynamic and Regenerative Drive Braking. PWM Rectifiers. Static VAR Compensators and Active Harmonic Filters. Introduction to Simulation-MATLAB/SIMULINK.

6. Current-Fed Converters.

General Operation of a Six-Step Thyristor Inverter. Load-Commutated Inverters. Force-Commutated Inverters. Harmonic Heating and Torque Pulsation. Multi-Stepped Inverters. Inverters with Self-Commutated Devices. Current-Fed vs Voltage-Fed Converters.

7. Induction Motor Slip-Power Recovery Drives.

Doubly-Fed Machine Speed Control by Rotor Rheostat. Static Kramer Drive. Static Scherius Drive.

8. Control and Estimation of Induction Motor Drives.

Induction Motor Control with Small Signal Model. Scalar Control. Vector or Field-Oriented Control. Sensorless Vector Control. Direct Torque and Flux Control (DTC). Adaptive Control. Self-Commissioning of Drive.

9. Control and Estimation of Synchronous Motor Drives.

Sinusoidal SPM Machine Drives. Synchronous Reluctance Machine Drives. Sinusoidal IPM Machine Drives. Trapezoidal SPM Machine Drives. Wound-Field Synchronous Machine Drives. Sensorless Control. Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) Drives.

10. Expert System Principles and Applications.

Expert System Principles. Expert System Shell. Design Methodology. Applications. Glossary.

11. Fuzzy Logic Principles and Applications.

Fuzzy Sets. Fuzzy System. Fuzzy Control. General Design Methodology. Applications. Fuzzy Logic Toolbox. Glossary.

12. Neural Network Principles and Applications.

The Structure of a Neuron. Artificial Neural Network. Other Networks. Neural Network in Identification and Control. General Design Methodology. Applications. Neuro-Fuzzy Systems. Demo Program with Neural Network Toolbox. Glossary.

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Back Cover

An advanced, authoritative, and practical guide for state-of-the-art power electronics and AC drive technology.

A clear understanding of power electronics and AC drives is crucially important in a wide range of modern systems, from household appliances to automated factories-and it requires cross-disciplinary expertise that many engineers lack. Now, in Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives, one of the world's leading experts covers every aspect of the topic, including crucial innovations such as artificial intelligence, advanced estimation, and sensorless control. This book is not only important as an advanced reference but also covers the material for one senior-level and two graduate-level courses. Dr. Bimal K. Bose discusses these key points and many more.

  • Modern power semiconductor devices, converter circuits, and electrical machines
  • High-performance control of induction and synchronous motor drives
  • Energy saving control
  • Estimation, identification, and sensorless control of drives
  • Artificial intelligence techniques such as expert system, fuzzy logic, and neural network applied to power electronics and drives
  • Use of MATLAB-based toolboxes in simulation and design
  • Today's technology challenges-and tomorrow'

Today's technology innovations make it possible to deliver higher performance, lower cost power electronics and drives for a wide range of industrial, commercial, military, utility, and residential applications. Furthermore, it can help more efficient use of electricity and thus contribute to environmental protection. If you're a practicing engineer, Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives can help you achieve these results, regardless of your previous experience.

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DR. BIMAL K. BOSE is recognized worldwide as an authority and pioneer in the field of power electronics and drive technology. He has over 40 years of professional experience in R&D, design, and teaching. A seven-time IEEE Award winner, he holds 21 U.S. patents. He is currently at the University of Tennessee, where he holds the Condra Chair of Excellence in Power Electronics.

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