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China since 1949

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Titel:   China since 1949
Reihe:   Longman
Autor:   Linda Benson
Verlag:   Pearson Longman
Einband:   Softcover
Auflage:   1
Sprache:   Englisch
Seiten:   176
Erschienen:   September 2002
ISBN13:   9780582357228
ISBN10:   0-58235-722-5
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China since 1949


This new text on the People's Republic focuses on its rapid transformation during the past half-century, and the challenges this presents. Supported by primary source materials, it provides a coherent narrative of the major events in China's recent past, and a balanced account of China's on-going transformation as it moves toward a more open society, a market-oriented economy, and an increasing role in international affairs. Suitable as an introductory text for undergraduate students without previous background on China



    • Provides distillation of recent research including some of most recent available - very up-to-date.
    • Original documents section - helps reader master the material.
    • Includes glossary, 'Who's Who', a chronology and maps - enables reader to navigate material.
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    Table of Contents

    Introduction to the series
    A Note on Romanization and Pronunciation of Chinese Words
    Chronology of Major Events Maps
    1  General Introduction
    2  Geographical and Historical BackgroundPART TWO: CHINA UNDER THE COMMUNIST PARTY
    3  China's new Revolutionary Road
    4  The Radical Maoist Phase, 1958-76
    5  Building Reform-Era China, 1977-89
    6  Deepening Reform: China in the 1990s7  New Society, New Challenges
    8  China and the World
    Who's Who
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    One of the most remarkable stories of the last century is the emergence of China as a modern economic giant, poised at the beginning of the 21st century to become a great world power. China has embraced the technological advances of the late 20th century and has provided new opportunities for millions of Chinese to improve their lives. While problems have accompanied this transformation, China's future holds unprecedented prosperity for 1.3 billion Chinese and greatly enhanced international status for the government that is making this possible.

    This new textbook on the People's Republic focuses on the changes which have swept through China for the past half-century. As well as providing a coherent narrative of the major events in China's recent past, China Since 1949 also provides an integrated treatment of:

    • the history of women's experiences under the communist regime
    • the Chinese Communist Party's treatment of ethnic minorities within China's borders and the rise of nationalism among the Mongols, Uighurs and Tibetans
    • the regional differences within China and the resulting tensions
    • the social implications of the Chinese Communist Party's attempts to control every facet of Chinese people's lives.

    The accompanying documents providing primary source materials, the Chronology and Who's Who of key figures help to ensure that this is an indispensable text for students studying modern China.

    Linda Benson is Professor of History at Oakland University, Michigan.

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    Linda Benson is Professor of History at the University of Oakland, Rochester, Michigan.
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    Reader Review(s)

    'the best introduction to the subject...providing a coherent narrative of the major events of China's recent past.'

    Richard Brown, The Historical Association website

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