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Psycholinguistics:Language,Mind and World

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Titel:   Psycholinguistics:Language,Mind and World
Reihe:   Longman
Autor:   Danny D. Steinberg / Hiroshi Nagata / David P. Aline
Verlag:   Pearson Longman
Einband:   Softcover
Auflage:   2
Sprache:   Englisch
Seiten:   444
Erschienen:   März 2001
ISBN13:   9780582039490
ISBN10:   0-582-03949-5
Status:   Der Titel ist leider nicht mehr lieferbar. Sorry, This title is no longer available. Malheureusement ce titre est épuisé.

Psycholinguistics:Language,Mind and World


 Psycholinguistics is the psychology of language as it relates to learning, mind and brain. This book covers crucial areas such as how children learn language, the deaf and language, animals and language learning, second language learning and bilingualism. A core area of linguistic study, this updated new edition is written in an engaging and accessible manner, leading students on from basic concepts to more complex and abstract matters.   


  • Provides a unified conceptual framework with which the fields of linguistics and psycholinguistics can be understood as they relate to language, thought and mind.
  • Comprehensive overview of deaf language education.
  • Provides insights into first language acquisition with chapters on wild children and animals.
  • Changes to new edition include coverage of new theories in linguistics and psycholinguistics and details of the latest research evidence.
  • Proposes a revolutionary new grammar - natural grammar.
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Table of Contents

PART 1. FIRST-LANGUAGE LEARNING1. How Children Learn Language2. The Deaf and Language: Sign, Oral, Written3. Reading Principles and Teaching4. Wild and Isolated Children and the Critical Age Issue for Language Learners5. Animals and Language LearningPART 2. SECOND-LANGUAGE LEARNING6. Children and Adults in Second-Language Learning7. Second-Language Teaching Methods8. Bilingualism, Cognition, Transfer and Learning StrategiesPART 3. LANGUAGE, MIND AND BRAIN9. Language, Thought and Culture10. Where does Language Knowledge Come From? Intelligence, Innate Language Ideas, Behaviour?11. Language and the BrainPART 4. MENTAL GRAMMAR AND LANGUAGE PREOCESSING12. Language Criteria for Assessing Grammars13. Natural Grammar: A 'God's Truth' Grammar Based on the Primacy of Speech Comprehension 
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