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Divided Government (Longman Classics Edition)

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Titel:   Divided Government (Longman Classics Edition)
Reihe:   Longman
Autor:   Morris P. Fiorina
Verlag:   Pearson
Einband:   Softcover
Auflage:   2
Sprache:   Englisch
Seiten:   208
Erschienen:   April 2004
ISBN13:   9780321121844
ISBN10:   0-321-12184-8


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Divided Government (Longman Classics Edition)


Re-issued as part of the “Longman Classics in Political Science” series, Fiorina's authoritative text on political parties in the U.S. features a new Foreword by David R. Mayhew of Yale University that explores the text's enduring contributions to the discipline.

Divided Government, reviews the historical evolution of political parties and explores the consequences of divided government for the policy process.

Table of Contents

 Foreward, by David R. Mayhew.

 1. Introduction.

 2. The National Picture.

 3. The States.

 4. Explanations I: Unintended Consequences.

 5. Explanations II: Do Voters Choose Divided Government?

 6. The Consequences of Divided Government.

 7. Comparative Government.

 8. The Research Agenda.

 9. 1992 and 1994 Elections.

10. Recent Research on the Causes of Divided Government.

11. The Consequences of Divided Government Revisited.
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