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Light, Gesture, and Color

Jay Maisel
New Riders
Nov 2014
Fr. 62.60
In Light, Color, Gesture author Jay Maisel offers amazing insights, captivating stories, and expressive images, all of which come together to create a groundbreaking book that has the power to change the way students think about and ...

Analytics Across the Enterprise:How IBM Realizes Business ...

Brenda Dietrich
IBM Software Press
Mai 2014
Fr. 34.80
This book demystifies the analytics journey by showing how IBM has successfully leveraged analytics across the enterprise, worldwide. Three of IBM's pioneering analytics practitioners share invaluable real-world perspective on what ...

Essential Guide to Digital Signal Processing, The

Richard Lyons
Prentice Hall
Mai 2014
Fr. 46.00
Using everyday examples and simple diagrams, two leading DSP consultants and instructors completely demystify signal processing with this text. Students will discover what digital signals are, how they’re generated, and how ...