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Learn SQL Server Administration in a Month of Lunches

Don Jones
Mai 2014
Fr. 40.40
 RETAIL SELLING POINTS Dives immediately into hands-on tasks Helps achieve maximum effectiveness Strives to be as version-neutral as possible AUDIENCE Designed to be immediately effective for readers with any level of exper ...

3D Printing with Autodesk:Create and Print 3D Objects with ...

John Biehler
QUE Publishing
Mai 2014
Fr. 29.10
3D Printing with Autodesk covers everything the reader needs to know -- even absolute beginners, and even if for readers who do not own a 3D printer. This book takes students all the way from idea to physical object in practically ...

Light, Gesture, and Color

Jay Maisel
New Riders
Nov 2014
Fr. 62.60
In Light, Color, Gesture author Jay Maisel offers amazing insights, captivating stories, and expressive images, all of which come together to create a groundbreaking book that has the power to change the way students think about and ...