The Seven Cs of Coaching

Prentice Hall
Mick Cope  
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October 2004

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The Seven Cs of Coaching
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Coaching is still growing fast - as a profession and as a must-have skill for managers. Yet much of the coaching material focuses on the same old model. And the shortcomings of the model are beginning to show.

It's time for a new approach. In this book Mick does for coaching what he did for consulting in 7Cs of Consulting and offers a complete guide to creating sustainable change through the coaching process.


- The vast majority of books and material focus on the very old GROW model that is out of date and ineffective.

- Cope offers a new approach to the growing coaching industry, at a time when it is really needed.

- This definitive guide to coaching displays the same sharpness of ideas, clarity and innovation as seen in Cope¿s 7Cs of Consulting - the now widely adopted definitive guide to the process of consulting.

- Collaborative Coaching has proven extremely popular and is endorsed by many big name corporates including, General Electric, BT, Unilever, and the BBC.

Table of Contents

Coaching is the delivery of value through sustainable change.

Coaching Principles
The importance of invitation, intent and independence.

Coaching dimensions
Coaching the head (what people think), the heart (what they feel) and the hand (what they do). Conflict and cohesion.

The Collaborative Coaching Framework (The 7Cs of Coaching)

Client - understanding the person, understand the problem

Clarify - what isreally going on

Create - find the best solution

Change - make the change happen

Confirm - measure the change

Continue - make sure it will last

Close - end the engagement, maintain the relationship


Putting it into action




Back Cover

Coaching that doesn’t last isn’t coaching


Successful coaching is about helping others to help themselves.  Successful coaching is collaborative coaching.  It’s also about knowing that when the coaching intervention is complete, the change will persist and become a permanent shift.  And that’s where most coaching falls down.


The Seven Cs of Coaching is carefully designed to offer a collaborative framework that will help ensure old patterns of behaviour are broken, and new ones are formed – and maintained.  Through building trust, giving feedback, challenging perceptions, highlighting limiting beliefs and surfacing shadows the coach is able to cut the rubber band that pulls the client in the unwanted direction.  Then using techniques such as directional setting, creativity tools, rich measures, choice management and planned withdrawal processes, the coach can help the client lock in the new pattern of behaviour.


The Seven Cs of Coaching is a way of packaging and presenting what can be a very complex process in a way that helps the coach deliver value through sustainable change.


With the same sharpness of mind and clarity of thought that created The Seven Cs of Consulting – the now widely adopted definitive guide to the process of consulting – Mick Cope has turned to coaching to develop the definitive guide to the process.  A guide that does not rely on old or outdated models, but that reveals a new process of enabling sustainable change.  Whether you are a professional coach or a manager wishing to develop your coaching skills, The Seven Cs of Coaching is an invaluable guide.


Mick Cope has been a consultant for 15 years, working in the field of business transformation.  He has managed both front and back office activities across in-house and commercial organizational development programmes, including systems integration, strategy, development, Investors in People, European Quality Award, Stephen Covey Seven Habits and a wide range of personal development programmes.

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“A new approach just when the industry needs it.”

- The Bookseller