The Big Book of e-Commerce Answers

Prentice Hall
Tom Lambert  
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October 2001

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The Big Book of e-Commerce provides a clear understanding of how the Internet, investment in technology and e-commerce work. In plain, it is a book aimed at those more interested in web profits, than web prophets.

Table of Contents

CONTENTS Introduction and Section one                                                                            The Internet opportunity and pitfallsSection one - The Internet opportunities and pitfalls

  • Fad or future
  • Growth and opportunity
  • The purpose of technology
  • The people development question
  • Marketing online: some preliminary thoughts and facts                           
Section two - Tools and techniques for success
  • Planning: the antidote to pathetic performance
  • Market dominance: the only game in town
  • International trend analysis
  • The profits and perils of being first to market
  • The tools in detail
  • We need money  to succeed
Section three - Questions that only you can (and must) answer to optimise results   Section four - The big decision - why go online?
  • It isn't all plain sailing- but can i be?
  • Employee behaviour: time wasting has never been easier
  • Future positive - for some
  • It's the money, stupid
  • The online customer
  • Things that worry us
  • Tomorrow the world
  • People again
  • The environment and other valid concerns
Section five - Marketing your web site
  • Killing the infoclutterbug
  • Spam may not be good for you
  • The serious business of marketing a web site
  • What's in a name? A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet
  • Keywords hold a key
  • Having others sell for you
  • I am a superior salesperson
Section six - The market in brief
  • A reminder of important
Section seven- Planning your Internet strategy and tactics
  • The basic of online marketing and selling
  • Search engines
  • More about keywords
  • More about search engines and directories
  • Strategy and tactics in greater deal
  • The proper use of e-mail
  • Can i get by without a web site
  • Back to the real world
  • A strategic and tactical summary





Tom Lambert is Chairman of Costal Sites (Europe) Ltd. Coastal Sites is the European member of an international consortium of the world's leading web site positioning and marketing consultancies.