The Quantum Theory of Trust:Power, networks and the secret life of organisations

The Quantum Theory of Trust:Power, networks and the secret life of organisations - Karen Stephenson - 9780273681861 - Business - Strategy & Competition (151)
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Karen Stephenson  
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Dezember 2011
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The first business companion to the world of network science; the idea that's about to rewrite the rules of organisational behaviour. It will give you a framework for understanding and a capability for managing your invisible workplace.


  • Network Science is the next big idea in management: The Harvard Business Review identified it as one of the big things that all executives will grapple with in the future.
  • This title will appeal to all interested in Organisational Behaviour, Human Resources, Strategy, Leadership, Change Management, Marketing and even Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • As well as appealing to executives and managers this title will have huge appeal to students; a textbook is yet to be written in this field.
  • Karen Stephenson is the World's undisputed guru of networks - advising both UK and US Governments on topics ranging from Civil Service performance to tracking Al Queda networks, and corporations including: Merrill-Lynch, Hewlett Packard, JP Morgan, IBM, AOL Time Warner. She has received widespread press coverage.
  • Top endorsements from Meg Wheatley (Leadership & The New Science), Art Kleiner and a Foreword from Malcom Gladwell (The Tipping Point).
  • Visually stunning text design and jacket.

Table of Contents



Chapter One: Lost and Found in the Fog of Culture

Chapter Two: There’s More at Stake than Give and Take

Chapter Three: The Yin and Yang of Organizations

Chapter Four: What Knowledge Tears Apart; Networks Make Whole

Chapter Five: Tipping Points

Chapter Six: The Secret Life of Organizations






Dr. Karen Stephenson is internationally recognized in network theory and practice and the recipient of many awards in innovation, she has co produced five videos and is published in both academic and global media and is regularly featured in radio and television. She is president of NetForm and a professor, teaching at Harvard and Imperial College at the University of London. She has combined a legacy of practical management with 25 years of research in the areas of virtual work and human networks. Her pioneering work has been used by corporations and governments to manage change and to diagnose organizational deficiencies and efficiencies.

Reader Review(s)

"The best ideas in any workplace arise out of the casual contacts among different groups. One of the pioneers in this way of analyzing organisations is Karen Stephenson" Malcolm Gladwell (author of the Tipping Point), New Yorker.

 “She’s out to redesign the global workplace, one culture at a time. And…people are listening." Los Angeles Times.

Author Article in World Business, October 2006