How to Run a Great Workshop

Prentice Hall
Nikki Highmore Sims  
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October 2006

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How to Run a Great Workshop
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You’ve been asked to run a training session, workshop or meeting. What you need now is a foolproof way of making it both memorable and enjoyable to run – and to know that what you are doing will achieve the desired outcome and have lasting positive effects on your team.

Anyone who has ever endured 'death by powerpoint' or a dry 'chalk and talk' session knows how not to do it, but how do you make sure that you get it right?

This interactive guide is designed especially for busy managers - people whose main role is not training – and will take you through a simple step-by-step process that results in stimulating, fun and effective workshops and presentations.

Just some of the many scenarios the book will help you tackle include:

·        How to put together training session from scratch when you have 'blank page, blank face’ syndrome – here’s the step-by-step solution

·        You've done some training but you aren’t getting the desired results from your sessions – here’s what do to about it

·        You haven't time to write 80 sexy PowerPoint slides for a session you are running – here’s what to do instead that will be even more effective and take half the time

·        You're dreading the experience of being 'up the front' – here’s how to shift the onus from you to your participants

·        How to be remembered for the right reasons! – Here’s how to ensure that happens

This is a book that ‘walks the talk’- it presents what you need to know in an engaging, interesting, effective and quick way – exactly how you will be presenting in your meetings and worshops when you have finished reading it. 




  • This book will show you exactly what to do step-by-step.
  • Fast learning, easy to apply – this is a quick and smart ‘how to.’
  • Proven content – the author has used the material in coaching managers and entrepreneurs in how to run sessions – it’s powerful, memorable and it works.




Table of Contents

Why choose this book?


Chapter 1  Who, what, why and where

Your natural style

Beliefs and the importance of make-believe…

Session subject and outcomes

Why bother – application of learning

What type of session?

Your participants

Location, location, location

Information v. learning



Chapter 2  Whole-brain learning primer

The biggest myth in training

All you need to know about learning theory

Using music


The 70/30 rule
Bluffer’s guide to facilitation



Chapter 3  Building a great session

Strong framework

Structure and flow


The title

The Welcome Pack

Step-by-step activities

Metaphors and their use

Introduction and welcome

Warm-up activities/ice-breakers


Off-the-shelf activities

Tricks of the trade

Strong finish


Setting the scene on the day

Follow through


Canny material design

Participants’ materials

Your materials


Chapter 4  Meetings makeover




Appendix 1: Some themes suitable for workshops

Appendix 2: People bingo

Appendix 3: Glossary and ‘trainer speak’










Back Cover

Anyone who has endured ‘death by PowerPoint’ or suffered a dry ‘chalk and talk’ session will know the importance of getting group sessions and workshops right, but how do you know what to do and what it takes?


How to Run a Great Workshop is your quick fix solution to running successful group sessions. It takes you through the early stages of planning and preparation, through to showing you how to build a great session, step-by-step. Group activities, how to use materials and how to be remembered for the right reasons are all covered, along with a brief overview of training theory and learning models.

Whether you are a first time manager, a coach wishing to add workshops to your repertoire or you are simply looking for a way to improve your delivery at meetings, all you need to know and do is here. And not only that – the skills and tools you will learn will enliven interviews, meetings and even parties and weddings!

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"A useful guide" - The Times, 23 November 2006