Rules of the Game

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Tara Brady / Chris Brady  
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August 2000

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Business is a game. You are a corporate player. With the right kind of coaching, you can perfect your skills, have the competitive advantage, and win every time. How will you play it?  


Dr Chris Brady is currently the Director of Studies for the General and Strategic Management MBA at the City University Business School, London and Head Business Coach at Cape Consulting. He previously served in an intelligence capacity as a Royal Navy officer during the Falkland and Gulf conflicts as well as more recently in the Balkans. He has also worked in the gambling and construction industries, as well as working for Chrysler in Detroit during his teens. Dr Brady is a qualified UEFA A licence football coach. He played and coached football to semi-professional level, which he considers to have been his greatest managerial challenge.  He has published on topics as varied as US foreign policy, Cabinet government, teamwork, education, the environment, intelligence failures and the United Nations. His most recent and forthcoming publications are listed below.  Chris Brady is also a visiting lecturer and adviser on decision-making issues at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, the military's senior staff college. He lectures to the senior staff of the Kuwaiti Staff College and is a Research Fellow of the Institute of Contemporary British History.  Tara C. Brady operates in a Business Development capacity for Business Process Outsourcing with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He joined the Royal Navy as a junior at 16 completing a five year engagement, three of which were aboard HMS Illustrious. After leaving the Navy he graduated in Business Studies at University of North London before moving to the City with Lloyds of London. Tara has subsequently performed a variety of commercial roles at Sears, NatWest Bank and Guinness before joining his current employers. Extensive experience of studying elite teams (the Board) and individuals (Functional Heads/Directors) at close quarters prompted Tara to create Rules of the Game.  Tara is a frequent speaker at commercial conferences and writes for a variety of professional journals. One of his more controversial theories 'Winning the Battle of Balance' provides a tactical corporate solution to meeting internal clients requirements whilst maximizing the organizations' needs, an arena in which conflict and game-playing is commonplace.

Reader Review(s)

"Games is my business, and business is my game - this book is a bible for winners!" Peter Higgins, Commercial Director -  "Understanding the generic principles which underpin the business game is a major competitive advantage - this book provides that advantage." Charlie Whelan - broadcaster and former spin doctor to Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer  "Knowing the rules, exploiting them and even changing them is essential for any business player. This book should be a significant addition to any player's reference library." Brendan O'Neill, CEO, ICI  "The skills learnt through playing games can be applied to virtually any business situation. This book is the first step on the road to quantifying this valuable phenomena." Demis Hassabis, CEO, Elixir Studios, Mind Olympic Champion  "People can be offended when war is referred to as a game. However, this book clearly demonstrates how underlying game-playing skills translate across all domains and a serious knowledge of those skills is essential for any player in any game." General Sir Michael Rose (former Commander of UNPROFOR in Bosnia 1994, and Commanding Officer of the 22nd Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) during the Iranian Embassy Siege)