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Tom Lambert  
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October 2002

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Behind every great executive decision lies a smart question. Understand when, where, and what questions to ask and you will have the key business tool to take you to the top.

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 CONTENTS  Introduction: You Deserve State of the Art It's A Question of Need  Why you need to have this book - but don't need to read it!  The unique concept of the book is described and the reader is given guidance in its use.  Applied thought leadership requires the asking of the right questions of the right people at the right time. This book provides the essential questions and clear guidance on how to implement the answers to greatest effect. The killer question to be asked every time. SECTION ONE: QUESTIONS TO DEAL WITH MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES Chapter One: Achieving the Mission and Surviving Long Enough to Enjoy It! Strategy: Where Next?  Strategic questions that take you from where you are to where you want to be. Tactics: Where Now?  Tactical questions that ensure that you survive long enough to get there. Chapter Two: People Really Can Be an Asset Personal Questions to Improve Performance  Questions that enhance your people skills and that enable you to attract and retain the best.  Questions for superior interviewers. Questions that motivate. Questions to raise performance.  Questions that will protect you from Corporate Alzheimer's and the Auschwitz Syndrome. Questions that will enable you to "right-size" any organisation. Questions to motivate and questions to reduce risk. Chapter Three: Getting People to Work Together Questions of Culture and Cooperation  The essential questions that build your ability to create, nurture and manage teams.  The psychology of teamwork expressed as questions. What to ask and who to ask if you want to get things done. Questions to save you from the perils of "let my people go". Questions that make empowerment work. Chapter Three: "Leadership is what Leaders DO!" Questions of Leadership  The indispensable questions that enable you to turn Churchill's aphorism into a success formula. Questions that ensure that you can be flexible and consistent simultaneously. Questions that will give you control in all situations. Questions that will give you time to think. Chapter Four; Communicate Questions to Ensure the "Transfer of Meaning"  Questions to perfect your internal communication.  Questions to deal with the media.  Questions that get people to "build bridges below the waterline. Chapter Five: "Forget Your Problem - Give Me Your Solution"  Questions to analyse any problem and develop the best solutions. Questions to pre-empt potential problems and keep the plan on track. Questions that will get your people eager to be problem solvers. Questions that give you the advantages and protect you from the pitfalls of consensus. Questions that raise creativity. Chapter Six: Decisions, Decisions Which one?  Questions that lead to speedy and effective decision-making. In a world in which the business cycle spins ever-faster fast and efficient thinking is the key difference between success and failure. This chapter provides the questions to speed decision-making in the real world. Chapter Seven: It's a Matter of Money How much is too much? A Question of Numbers  Questions that enable the non-specialist to easily understand the world of finance. Questions that build revenues and profits. Questions that ensure that financial resources are applied effectively and frugally. Questions that ensure that when you need to spend you spend to best effect. Questions that get the best out of your bankers. Chapter Eight: You Can Buck the Market! What if?  Key questions that will enable you to exploit market opportunities at home and abroad. Essential questions for when there is a downturn. Questions that enable you to identify growth and exploit opportunity. Questions that ensure that your market-spend gets results. Questions that help you decide when to stop spending and start winning. Questions that enable you to turn the competition into "also rans". SECTION TWO: QUESTIONS TO EXPLOIT MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES Chapter Nine; New Ventures Questions to Reduce Risk  Questions for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Questions to strengthen the business plan. Questions to raise capital. Chapter Ten: The New Economy let's make this broader - include questions to ask about new technology? New Business Models. New Business Fads and Ideas? The New New Thing  Questions that will ensure that you can make money online. Questions that will turn your website into a money machine. Questions that will enable you to time your entry to new markets to perfection. Questions that obviate risk. Questions to help you avoid fads, fallacies and foul ups. Questions to keep technology under control. Questions that multiply profit opportunities.  Questions that turn mere technology into revenues and profits. SECTION THREE; QUESTIONS TO BUILD MANAGEMENT SKILLS Chapter Eleven; Creativity Questions to take you outside any box  Questions and techniques to fire up right brain thinking. Questions to enhance creativity. Questions to deliver "innovalue".  Questions to ask the professional innov

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Behind every great executive decision lies a smart question.

Ask yourself this. Faced with a new budget or strategic choice, a potential employee or a client negotiation, a bright idea or an intractable problem, what questions do you need to ask? To test the projections, tackle the cause of problems, to make the right decision - the answer is simple. Ask the right question.

Managers are all too often expected to lead with answers; to approach any situation armed with a company procedure or an off-the-shelf solution, but in an uncertain world, the right question is worth a world of standard answers. Asking the right question is the first step to understanding a business situation, and the first step to finding the right answer.

Key Management Questions

is your practical guide to intelligent management analysis and inquiry. It sets out searching questions to ask of your business, your colleagues and yourself - from shaping strategies to persuading people - and tells you where to find many of the answers.

With this book you can make who, what, where, how andwhy your most effective business tools.


Tom Lambert is an international author, broadcaster, consultant, trainer, conference speaker and business journalist who is called, in America, "the world's friendliest guru". In Europe and Southern Africa his books and seminars have led him to be called by the quality press, "the consultant's consultant". He is the author of Key Management Solutions, The Power of Influence and High Income Consulting. You can connect with Tom at and

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"It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers." 

James Thurber

"Computers are useless. They can only give you answers." 

Pablo Picasso