mastering foreign exchange & currency options

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Francesca Taylor  
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May 2003

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mastering foreign exchange & currency options
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This book will enable you to get your currency dealing right. It is the essential handbook for any player in the foreign exchange market.

Table of Contents

Contents 1. The Historical Perspective

2. Background and Development of the Foreign Exchange Market

3. Currency Classifications

4. Far East and Exotic Markets

5. The Economics of Foreign Exchange

6. The Mechanics of Spot Foreign Exchange

7. The Mechanics of Forward Foreign Exchange

8. Spot Foreign Exchange - a Market Maker's Perspective

9. Proprietary Trading

10. The Role of the Forex Broker

11. Technical Analysis

12. Background and Development of The Currency Option Market

13. Mechanics of Currency Options

14. Exotic Options

15. Practicalities of Trading Foreign Currency Options

16. Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk

17. Technology and the Markets

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mastering foreign exchange & currency options

a practical guide to the new marketplace

The last ten years have seen a revolution inthe global foreign exchange markets. It is no longer enough for banks and their corporate customers to arrange their currency hedging and trading on an active and commercial basis. It is now vital to understand how new technology has impacted the market.

The author fully examines key initiatives such as e-forex, TWIST and CLS and the new option to trade FX outside the banking markets, making this book an essentiual tool for all who need to keep up with this fast changing market.

Eleven of the twenty-one chapters are written by guest practitioners who provide a unique insight into the forex market.

This important new edition of Mastering Foreign Exchange & Currency Options will enable you to get your currency dealing right. It is the essential handbook for any player in the forex market. It is written for new entrants seeking to master the fast developing world of forex trading and seasoned professionals needing to keep informed of the latest developments in this sector. With the introduction of new technology this is often seen as a daunting topic to get to grips with.

Both hedgers seeking to remoce or manage their currency risk and speculators seeking to take currency risk in the hope of making profit will benefit from this book. The advent of more sophisticated currency derivatives has also raised the stakes.

This book contains practical guidance on:

  • Currency Classifications
  • History and economics of forex
  • Technology and the markets
  • Mechanics of spot forex and forward forex
  • Emerging market foreign exchange
  • Forex trading for the individual investor
  • Currency risk management
  • Background, development and mechanics of currency options
  • Exotic options and transparency
  • Innovations in e-foreign exchange
  • Multi-bank electronic trading
  • Electronic procurement of fx: the corporate perspectives
  • Technical Analysis
  • Continuous linked settlement (CLS)

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