Highly Effective Marketing Plan (HEMP), The

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April 2004

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Highly Effective Marketing Plan (HEMP), The


This is the step-by-step, proven programme that will allow you to create a highly effective marketing plan that works – in just one hour!


  • HEMP is proven – over 300 companies have used HEMP and found it to be highly effective, indeed several people have gone on record to state that as a consequence of HEMP they’ve made £ millions.
  • HEMP is very practical. It’s a step by step process without any marketing-speak or jargon, indeed it includes a 10 second sell (and we know how effective that is).
  • HEMP can be used by small start up companies and multinationals alike.
  •  HEMP is for marketing people, and non-marketing people; chief executives and new people looking to get on; everyone in business can use HEMP.
  • Perfect core business seller – this is to marketing what Sold! is to selling.

Table of Contents

Step One - Desired Result

As Stephen Covey put it, 'Begin with the end in mind.' The principle of this step is: the greater the clarity of the outcome the more likely it will be accomplished.

Step Two – What’s it worth?

If you’re going to do something then value it. And identifying a monetary value helps create a universal currency, as others might view differently the worth you attach to your project. For example, 'this initiative will create turnover of £5 million and produce £1 million profit in 12 months' has a clarity which will appeal to any board or bank.

Step Three – What are the consequences?

All new plans have consequences. There are potential upsides and downsides – what are they? And what will be the consequence of not implementing your plan? This chapter explores how important it is to identify every possible outcome before the plan commences: often people will be more motivated by fear of loss than by the pleasure of gain, e.g. 'consider what will happen if we don’t pioneer this new initiative and our major competitor does instead.'

Step Four – Targets

Who are we after? Who will be buying your product or service. And don’t just go for standard classifications; really go to town gathering information. Build a picture of these people. How old are they? How much do they weigh on average? Would they prefer to fly British Airways or Virgin? When did they last go to the cinema and what film did they see? The principle of this chapter is that you can’t know too much about your targets.

Step Five – What do they currently think and do?

Now you know who you’re after, (step four), what do these people currently think about your product and service? And as a consequence of what they think, what do they do? Do they know you for providing one product and think that’s all you do, (and as a result buy your other product from a competitor)? Have they never heard of your service or anything like it, (and therefore they currently do nothing)? Thinking precedes doing: know what your targets think.

Step Six – What do you want them to think and do?

Following on from the last chapter, we can now look at what we want people to think and having changed their mind will cause them to buy your product or service. The principle underpinning steps five and six is simple: change the thinking and you’ll change the doing patterns of your targets, (whereas so many companies try to get people to change their 'doing' without thinking first.)

Step Seven – What’s the story?

What are you actually selling? This chapter prompts the exercise of succinctly writing down exactly what’s on offer. This exercise is amazing for many people who whilst believing they know what they do actually discover that either they don’t or they can’t adequately describe it.

Step Eight – The one big thing (10 second sell)

All too often peoples’ description of their service or product are boring and confusing filled with far too much irrelevant detail. This chapter distills down to the ONE big thing on offer. This chapter is what Pearson calls 'The 10 second sell', and you know how effective that is.

Step Nine – What’s the benefit?

This step looks at the one big thing and asks the question: so what? What do you do for the target customer? Does this benefit them significantly? Is it compelling and how does it compare to the competition?

Step Ten – Know yourself

Is your current personality appropriate for the product or service you’re offering? There’s no point your being seen as British Airways if your product is designed for Virgin customers. There’s a built in disadvantage, which is unnecessary, for a traditional old-fashioned company offering a service which will primarily appeal to youth. This step asks the question: do you need to review the personality of your company for this new product or service to work? There are lots of examples of

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The Highly Effective Marketing Plan

A proven, practical, planning process for companies of all sizes

'HEMP will stimulate you to look at marketing challenges with enhanced clarity, and significantly increase your chances of delivering demonstrable value.  Plus, it's a really entertaining read!'

Andy Hurst, Sales & Marketing Director, Taylor Woodrow Developments Limited

'The Highly Effective Marketing Plan is invaluable in the development and implementation of tactical marketing and communications activity.'

Rachel Clayton-Hepburn, Head of Marketing, First Choice Holidays & Flights

Want to dramatically improve your chances of selling more of your products or services?  Discover the step-by-step, proven programme that allows you to create a highly effective marketing plan that works - in just one hour!

You've got a product or service that you want to sell more of.  A lot more.  And you want to use your money wisely and to the best effect.  You need a Highly Effective Marketing Plan.

Whether you are a start-up with a tiny budget or a multinational corporation, whether you're an entrepreneur or a marketing manager, this no-nonsense highly practical guide will take you stage by stage through the process that will tackle your problems and highlight your opportunities.  And it's tried, tested and proven.  A Highly Effective Marketing Plan is a process that will massively improve your chances of profitably selling more of your products and services.  And it will stop you wasting money on marketing initiatives that should never see the light of day.

Simple, straightforward but extremely potent, the Highly Effective Marketing Plan really works.  Let it work wonders for you. 


Peter Knight has run small, medium and large companies and today is Founder & Chairman of Phoenix plc, a marketing communications agency which works with clients including Motorola, First Choice, Laing, Harry Ramsden’s and many more. Phoenix employs 60 people at The Chapel of Ideas – a converted church – all of whom are engaged in effective communications via all media.

Peter is a TEC International speaker and won the speaker of the year award in 2002. He regularly is engaged by clients to speak and facilitate at conferences, business retreats & strategy planning workshops, and he also contributes to several trade publications.

Reader Review(s)

"Startling both in its simplicity and effectiveness, I hugely recommend HEMP as essential reading for anyone involved in or interested by marketing."
Chris Hughes, Chairman, TEC International

" HEMP helps you achieve in a few hours a plan which would normally take weeks"
Ann Fendi, Sales and Marketing Director, Sunley plc

HEMP will stimulate you to look at marketing challenges with enhanced clarity and significantly increase your chances of delivering demonstratable value. Plus, it's a really entertaining read!"
Andy Hurst, Sales and Marketing Director, Taylor Woodrow

"Clear, concise and informative - focused on the key issues, avoiding all the jargon!"
Patrick Stirland, MD, The Mitie Group

"a compact, hard working guide to a marketing system that should, ir followed from beginning to end, improve your business' chance of profitability... Knights writing is so motivational that it could give you the biggest high you'll get all year" - Internet Works