Simply Brilliant:The Competitive Advantage of Common Sense

Prentice Hall
Fergus O'Connell  
Prentice Hall
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November 2004

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Simply Brilliant is now firmly established as 'the best-selling guide to getting things done', having sold nearly 20,000 copies in its first edition. This completely revised and updated new edition now includes a whole new section on 'getting things done in the shortest possible time' - an invaluable guide to making things happen smoothly, without working all night.


  • Has sold nearly 20,000 copies in it's first edition
  • Has become a cult bestseller for managers looking for simplicity and results
  • The most user friendly readable guide to project management ever published
  • Fabulous reviews from a range of media including the FT and Evening Standard
  • Practical, humorous and incredibly useful
  • Now includes a strong emphasis on getting things done in the shortest possible time

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  1. Many things are simple
  2. Know what you're trying to do
  3. There is always a sequence of events
  4. Things don't get done if people don't do them
  5. Things rarely turn out as expected
  6. Things either are or they aren't
  7. Look at things from other's point of view
  8. Get things done in the shortest possible time



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Simply Brilliant

The Bestselling Guide to Getting Things Done



"Just when we feel we can no longer cope with it all, someone writes a book that offers salvation ... Simply Brilliant is brilliantly simple - so much so that I may start coming to work again to get things done."
Financial Times


"For a change this guide tears down management as a complex science, reducing it to life saving basics. This book does a good job - it may just help to simplify your working life."

The Evening Standard


"Simply Brilliant could make a difference to huge numbers of managers…O'Connell's ideas for creating a better working environment are as simple as he claims and will provide welcome relief for anyone who is struggling to come to terms with the latest fad from the Harvard Business School...”
The Sunday Times - Book of the Week



1.      Many things in life are incredibly simple.

2.      There are a lot of smart people in the world (you're probably one of them).

So why is it that so many truly daft things get done?


Simply Brilliant is the smart person's guide to the incredibly straightforward stuff that may have been overlooked in the search for a complex answer. And new to this edition is a vital chapter on getting things done in the shortest possible time.

Sometimes the smart need the simple to be truly brilliant.



Fergus O'Connell has over twenty years experience in project management. He has worked with companies such as CPT, ICL and Retix, before founding ETP in 1992. ETP is Ireland's largest project management company specializing in knowledge and high-tech industries. Fergus is currently Chairman & CEO of ETP. His experience covers projects world wide and he has taught project management on three continents.

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Reviews of first edition

Shortlisted in the business book category of WHSmith's Book Awards 2002.

"For a change this guide tears down management as a complex science, reducing it to life saving basics. This book does a good job - it may just help to simplify your working life." Evening Standard, London

"Simply Brilliant is brilliantly simple... offers salvation"
Financial Times

"This gem of a book is the perfect antidote to the endless tomes about how to leverage your core competencies and think "outside the box"...This is simple stuff, simply written. But don't underestimate Simply Brilliant's value" official review