How to Get the Best Graduate Job

Prentice Hall
David Williams / Phil Brown / Anthony Hesketh  
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December 2005

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You're one of 400,000 students to graduate from university in a year. You want a good graduate job. Yet you know competition is fierce. This is the first book to go behind the scenes and show you exactly how you do it.

Over the last three years, two leading political economists went behind the scenes of the graduate jobs market. The first independent observers ever to be allowed into assessment centres, they sat in on final interviews, observed psychometric tests being given, and watched decisions on candidates being made. What they discovered was that there were far fewer graduate jobs than anyone had realised, that the way that the successful candidates were chosen was arbitrary and subjective, and that some candidates had worked out how to manipulate the system in order to secure the jobs for themselves.



  • This is the first book to reveal how graduate recruitment really works and how some students work the system - and get the jobs.
  • Highly practical - will tell graduates exactly what they need to know and what to do about it.
  • The ONLY book to be independent and research based - this book tells you how it really is (not how the recruiters say it is, or how people suppose it might be).
  • The authors are two political economists and a broadsheet journalist





Table of Contents


About the authors



Part 1

1  The facts you need to know


Part 2 – Choosing where to apply

2  The facts

3  The strategies

4  The tactics


Part 3 – What to put on application forms

5  The facts

6  The strategies

7  The tactics


Part 4 – How to deal with assessment centres

8  The facts

9  The strategies

10  The tactics


Part 5

11 Strategies for the aftermath

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How to Get the Best Graduate Job


You’re a graduate (or you will be soon). You want one of those highly prized top graduate jobs. But you know the competition is tough and the odds aren’t in your favour. There are only enough proper graduate jobs for around 5% of UK graduates each year, so you know you need all the help you can get to make one of them yours.


This unique book provides an insider’s view of how graduate recruitment works, based on the observations of indpendent observers, and shows how you can use this insight to your advantage.


The book reveals:


·         how graduate recruitment really works

·         what you can do to work out where the jobs really are

·         what criteria employers use to deselect CVs and application forms

·         how to convince employers to offer an interview

·         the two possible strategies of Player and Purist – plus the advantages and   downsides of each

·         how some students work the system – and get the jobs


Phil Brown and Anthony Hesketh were the first independent researchers to be allowed inside the graduate recruitment process with large organizations. They sat in on interviews and assessment centres, and observed the post-interview discussions where decisions were made. Their findings make fascinating reading and are the vital advantage that any graduate needs to stand the best chance of getting one of the most highly prized jobs.


Discover exactly how graduate recruitment works – and how you can work it to your advantage.

















David Williams is a freelance journalist and a regular correspondent on recruitment issues for The Guardian and The Times. He contributes editorially to the Hobsons Careers Guides series, and his work has also appeared in The Independent on Sunday, The Irish Independent, Wanted Now, IT Now, CareerScope, The Author and Eat Japan. He is the author of Kicking: Following the Fans to the Orient (Mainstream, 2002) and he has been a guest on the Simon Mayo Show on Radio 5 Live.

Phillip Brown and Anthony Hesketh are political economists. Their research into the graduate market made the lead story in The Times on March 29th 2004 and generated leaders in The Times, Daily Mail, Times Higher Education Supplement and Western MailPhillip Brown is Research Professor at the top-rated Cardiff University School of Social Sciences. Books include High Skills: Globalization, Competitiveness and Skill Formation (OUP, 2001), Capitalism and Social Progress: The Future of Society in a Global Economy (Palgrave, 2001).Has extensive media experience. Anthony Hesketh holds a PhD from the six-star rated Lancaster University Management School where he is currently a lecturer in the Department of Management Learning. He is the author of Beg Borrow or Starve (Lancaster Press, 1997) and his media appearances include Channel 4 News and Radio 4 News at Ten.

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"compulsory reading" - Guardian Rise, July 2006