Passport to English Passport to English Passport to English

Jane Yedlin / Magdala Raupp  
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September 1995

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Passport to English provides practice and reinforcement of English grammar-in context. The text offers brief grammar explanations and provides ample opportunities for students to use the language in natural, humorous situations.


  • Clear, concise grammar explanations with examples help students understand the structures and how they are used.
  • Abundant contentualized exercises increase motivation, understanding, and retention.
  • Exercises presented as dialogues or stories provide a basis for oral practice, role-play, pair work, discussion, and writing.
  • Lively, humorous artwork illustrates new vocabulary and stimulates conversation.
  • Checkpoint tests focusing on specific problem areas offer opportunities for students to review and evaluate their progress.
  • Suitable as an in-class text or for self-study.

Table of Contents

1                         Be: am/is/are-statements

2                         Be: am/is/are-statements

3                         Be-questions and short answers

4                         Be: am/is/are-negative

5                         Subject pronouns

6                         Be: am/is/are-contractions

7                         Possessive adjectives

8                         Indefinite articles a and an

9                         Prepositions at, in, on, and under

10                         Singular and plural

11                         Indefinite articles a and an

12                         Indefinite articles with adjectives

13                         Demonstrative adjectives

14                         There is and there are

15                         There is and there are-questions and short answers

16                         Present continuous-statements

17                         Present continuous-statements

18                         Present continuous-questions

19                         Let's

20                         Present continuous-statements

21                         Present continuous-negative

22                         Imperatives

23                         Possessive adjectives

24                         Object pronouns

25                         Prepositions with and for + object pronouns

26                         Prepositions to and for + object pronouns

27                         Countable and uncountable nouns

28                         Possessive form of nouns

29                         Simple present-need, want, and like


Checkpoint 1


30                         Simple present-need, want, and like

31                         Simple present-questions and short answers

32                         Simple present-negative

33                         Simple present-negative

34                         Simple present-statements

35                         Simple present-statements

36                         Simple present-third-person singular

37                         Simple present-affirmative and negative

38                         Interrogative words-what, when, where, and how

39                         Short answers

40                         Simple present and present continuous compared

41                         Have-statements

42                         Have-statements

43                         Have-questions and short answers

44                         Special uses of have

46                         Adverbs of frequency

47                         Adverbs of frequency

48                         So and neither

49                         Too and either

50                         But

51                         Modal can-affirmative and negative

52                         Modal can-questions

53                         Modals can and may-permission

54                         Prepositions-in, on, and at


Checkpoint 2


55                         Possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives compared

56                         Have to

57                         Want + infinitive

58                         Like + noun and infinitive

59                         Would like

60                         Would like and would rather compared

61                         Know how + infinitive-affirmative

62                         Know how + infinitive-negative and affirmative

63                         Subject pronouns and object pronouns compared

64                         Subject pronouns and object pronouns compared

65                         Prepositions of place

66                         Be going to-statements

67                         Be going to-negative

68                         Be going to-questions an short answers

69                         Be-past tense statements and questions

70                         Be-past tense negative

71                         Be-past and present compared

72                         Simple past of regular verbs-negative

73                         Simple past of regular verbs-questions

74                         Simple past of regular verbs-statements

75                         Simple past-regular verbs

76                         Simple past-regular verbs

77                         Simple past-regular verbs

78                         Who

79                         Prepositions-for, by and to

80                         Present continuous, simple present, and simple past compared

81                         Countable and uncountable nouns with some and any

82                         Countable and uncountable nouns with much, many, a lot, little, few


Checkpoint 3


83                         Simple past-irregular verbs

84                         Simple past-irregular verbs

85                         Simple past-irregular verbs

86                         Simple past-irregular verbs

87                         Simple past-irregular verbs

88                         Simple past-irregular verbs

89                         Simple past-irregular verbs

90                         Simple past-irregular verbs

91                         Indefinite and definite articles-a, an, the

92                         Definite article-the

93                         Go + verb + -ing

94                         Comparative form of adjectives-adjective + -er

95                         Comparative form of adjectives-more + adjective

96                         Superlative forms of adjectives

97                         Superlative forms of adjectives

98                         Past continuous-statements

99                         Past continuous-negative

100                       Past continuous-question and short answers

101                       Compounds with no, any, and some

102                       Past continuous and simple past with when

103                       Past continuous and simple past with while

104                       Present perfect with yet and already

105                       Present perfect with for and since

106                       Present perfect-contractions

107                       Present perfect with ever

108                       Present perfect and simple past compared

109                       Present perfect continuous

110                       Simple present, present perfect, and simple past compared


Checkpoint 4


111                       Irregular verbs

112                       Index