Managing for Performance

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Pam Jones  
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May 2007

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Managing for Performance
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Getting your team to perform to the highest possible level is at the core of how well every manager does and is also one of the toughest tasks they have to face.

Managers all over the world are struggling to set clear goals and direction for their teams because of a rise in factors including team diversity, different motivations and expectations of team members and an increase in short term project teams.

Managing for Performance offers the solution to these problems by explaining the key to successful performance management is the ability to develop a flexible approach and have a range of different tools and techniques to apply in different situations. It provides information on these tools and techniques, and offers self-coaching to develop the self-understanding that is critical to anybody tasked with managing people.

This definitive guide will provide managers with all the support and advice they need to be able to appraise and enhance both their own and their team’s performance, and successfully tackle the issues affecting performance to achieve optimum results.


  • Performance management is the biggest role a manager does – and also one of the most difficult, and surprisingly the least well published. The need is great.
  • It’s becoming more difficult than ever in faster, more democratic and more complex business conditions.
  • This is a real ‘how to’ book from an authority from Ashridge Business School.

  • Audience: a strong ‘need-based’ individual purchase but also with high training/trainer appeal, and Human Resources potential.
  • Benchmarks: Coaching for Performance is many years old now but still the leading book on coaching and a big bestseller. One Minute Manager Builds High Performance Teams is a big seller – demonstrating the broad trade appeal of the market.
  • This book is instantly practical with lots of easily applied tips and techniques, with boxes on what to do and what to say.
  • Market Leaders: Pearson Education grew market share in 2005, reinforcing its position as the UK’s No 1 business publisher - with 17% share of the management market.
  • The Management market is soaring - up 10% on 2004

Table of Contents

Contents list


  • Why performance management is a bigger challenge than ever before
  • How to use the book
  • Testing your skills
  • Getting feedback from others

Chapter 1 - Yourself

  • Questions and skills analysis
  • Being the best leader you can be
  • Delivering results - what works
  • Developing performance flexibility
  • Creating a positive performance climate
  • Honing your core skills - listening, feedback and coaching
  • Creating a self development plan - setting your own performance goals

Chapter 2 - Your people

  • Understanding others - questions and skills analysis
  • Motivation turned upside down
  • Tapping into individual values
  • Understanding Xs and Ys
  • Managing the 3 Ps - poor performers, plateaued and potentials
  • Developing your motivationsl map and people performance plan

Chapter 3 - Your team

  • Team performance - questions and skills analysis
  • Teams - new structures, new success
  • Analysing your team contribution - adding value
  • Team processes - keeping your focus on the team
  • A model for team success
  • Creating a strategy for developing high performance teams

Chapter 4 - The processes

  • Understanding performance processes - questions and skills analysis
  • Performance processes that work
  • Measuring for success
  • Rewarding for success
  • Making the most of the review process
  • Developing potential
  • Creating a performance process plan

Chapter 5 - The organisation

  • Understanding the organisation - questions and skills analysis
  • Getting to the heart of the organisation
  • Understanding the impact of organisational change
  • Working with the change process
  • Supporting others through change
  • Creating a strategy for change


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You're only as good as your team. So how do you make sure your team is as good as it could be?

Improving team performance is what you are there for as a manager. The better you are, the better your team will be.

Successful performance management is all about having the right tools and knowing when and how to apply them.  Managing for Performance provides you with exactly this: proven practical techniques and innovative guidance.

Designed to be a constant reference throughout your career, this ultimate guide to high performance gives you all the direction and support you need to create an environment where people want to give their best.

"An excellent practical handbook that speaks directly to managers and encourages them to assess their own performance and style. The format is ideal - easy to digest and divided into accessible sections."

Sheila Browne, Senior Learning and Development Consultant, BBC Training & Development

"Managing for Performance provides a thoughtful hands-on guide to getting the best from yourself and your team."

Kai Peters, Chief Executive, Ashridge Business School






Pam Jones BA Hons MBA


Pam Jones is Programme Director of The Performance Through People and Leading Complex Teams programmes at Ashridge Business School. Working with managers from all walks of life, Pam focuses on helping them discover ways to work more effectively with others and achieve better results. Through her research, teaching and writing, Pam aims to bring together the experience and practice of performance and people management, helping managers and leaders develop their skills to meet the challenges of today and the reality of tomorrow.

Her previous publications include Delivering Exceptional Performance (Times Pitman 1996) and The Performance Management Pocket book (Management Pocket Books 1999).