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Bill Faust / Michael Faust  
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January 2006

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Pitch Yourself
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The traditional CV is dead. Discover how to write your CV in the new way - the way that careers advisors, leading recruiters and business schools say works. Learn how to sell yourself instead of documenting your career history.

Give yourself the ultimate jobsearch advantage - learn how to Pitch Yourself.

This is the new edition of the CV book endorsed by over 40 leading business schools and universities.



  • This is the only CV book - still - to say anything new
  • Since the first edition the concept of the elevator pitch CV has been widely taken up and the book is now endorsed and bought by over 40 business schools and universities across the world
  • This makes it the most widely endorsed CV book in the world
  • Author is now a full-time guest lecturer on elevator pitching at business schools and universities - the book gets constant year-round promotion
  • This new edition has a punchier more explanatory subtitle and brighter jacket
  • The new edition also has much more added value in tips, tricks and examples of how to sell yourself to best effect
  • Table of Contents


    • Experience gained from talking at business schools/universities
    • Experience gained from helping create CVs

    Chapter 1: CRITIQUE of functional and chronological CVs

    • The aim of a CV and the aim of the interview:
    • Introducing the 4 key communication foundation blocks of What, Where, Who and How. Relate this to Corporate DNA defined by companies such as Korn Ferry comprising Expertise (what/Where) and Behaviour and Values (Who and How)
    • Overview of chronological and functional CV’s.
    • New diagrams to compare and contrast the traditional CV and how they satisfy the different objectives
    • Key issues that occur with any CV
    • Limitations of other CV books which end their analysis at this stage including tips from leading career sites and critiques of executive search firms.
    • Develop business (ie your career) by one of two routes either (a) taking the product to market or (b) bringing the customer to the solution. Traditional CVs used to be okay at the former but do not define enough for the latter

    Chapter 2: BUILDING BLOCKS of Customer CV

    • This chapter explains the base components of a Customer CV in greater detail than in the first edition
    • Definition of Customer CV
    • The importance of understanding yourself and what this means.
    • Introduction to key components from Personal Promise, Career DNA, Transferable Assets to Career History.
    • Compare and contrast Customer CV to other traditional CV models
    • Explore additional fine-tuning issues such as the use of fact vs opinion, how to quantify results and relate them back to the business.
    • New handy hints such as the rationale for a short company overview, how to write about responsibilities and how to frame business benefits.

    Chapter 3: PROCESS to create new Customer CV (Preparation of the Career DNA Bank

    • An enhanced chapter discussing how to properly prepare your Career DNA Bank the underpinnings (think of it as the skeleton) in order to frame and hang a Customer CV (the flesh). Without the correct skeleton you collapse. How does the Career DNA bank inform the Personal Promise, Transferable assets and Career History.
    • How do you uncover a detailed understanding of your abilities, core competencies, behaviours and values e.g. what you will be employed for
    • Development of the Career DNA Bank needs time effort and resources put into it.
    • Revised case studies and examples
    • New techniques to use.
    • New ways to describe your journey and story.

    Chapter 4: The END BENEFIT and the PROCESS BENEFIT

    • The Benefit of the Customer CV

    • New SWOT analysis
    • Realigns from the past to the future and from the seller to the buyer
    • Best hire not easiest laziest fit
    • Efficiency for candidate and employer

    • The Benefit of the Process:

    • Writing a CV
    • Easily be able to write bespoke & targeted CVs.
    • Easier completion of (Competency Based) Application forms as preparation has already been done
    • Easier to create cover letters
    • Base material for you to use at interview – even agenda document

    • Better targeting of potential employers
    • Help you decipher the job descriptions and fully understand what the potential employer is looking for
    • Open new career avenues
    • Making the most of networking scenarios
    • Managemen

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    'Clear, concise and compelling – Pitch Yourself drags the traditional CV kicking and screaming into the 21st century. It’s essential reading.”

    Harvey Nash/FirstPersonGlobal


     'A CV revolution. It’s guaranteed to land you that interview.” Cosmopolitan


    'Not only a way to live with competencies in recruitment but also a way for candidates to make the best of them in attempting to secure a job.”
    Financial Times

    'One of the best investments that you could make in your career progression.'
    Graham Hastie, London Business School



    Pitch Yourself will transform the way you sell yourself. It’s a step-by-step practical guide that helps you work out what makes you different and develops this into your unique pitch – the basis of the best CV you’ll ever write and the best interview you’ll ever give.


    Pitch Yourself shows you how to:

    ·         Answer the employer’s most important question “What do you offer us?”

    • Differentiate yourself at every step of the recruitment process, including the application stage, in order to get you short listed
    • Prioritise who you are and how you work - these are the qualities you are employed for
    • Prove you are the best person for the job by showcasing your benefit to your next employer
    • Move your focus from your past to your future performance, and from your perspective to your employer’s perspective, enabling you to speak their language
    • Get the job you really want


    Pitch Yourself is internationally acclaimed and endorsed by many of the world’s leading universities and business schools. It talks the language of recruiters and employers  – and it’s proven to work.



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    “A straightforward, clear and concise read. Not only do you gain a true insight into your capabilities, but also you gain an effective format that will work for both you and your potential employer.'

     London Evening Standard


    “CVs are a two dimensional representation…. Pitch Yourself transforms this representation into a three dimensional, holistic person whom a recruiter can ‘see’ working within their organisation.”

    Anna Keelan, Tanaka Business School, Imperial College, London, UK


    “A truly unique way to differentiate oneself on a hiring manager's desk.”

    Roxanne Hori,  MBA Director NW University, Kellogg School of Management, US


    “…. written in a language employers understand… and is proven to work”

    The Guardian



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    About the authors


    Michael Faust and Bill Faust brought over 30 years of senior marketing experience with blue chip organisations to the world of recruitment and have dragged it into the 21st century, getting under the skin of how to develop and manage one’s career. The result is this internationally acclaimed book.


    Bill criss-crosses the world as a guest speaker on Pitch Yourself at many of the leading business schools across the world. He has lived and worked in London, Paris, Istanbul and Sydney for companies such as a GE Capital to Bates Advertising Agency Group in senior marketing roles.


    Michael is realising his dream, having been an entreprene


    Bill Faust has 14 years’ experience in delivering high-level integrated, marketing campaigns, for a range of blue chip companies including GE Capital, Campbell’s, News Ltd, Bayard Presse and BT. This has taken Bill across the world from London, Paris, Istanbul to Sydney. And back.

    Michael Faust has had a top flight management, advertising and marketing career. Most recently Michael was the Managing Director of Travelcare, the UK’s largest independent travel agency . Prior to this he has held influential positions as the European Marketing Director of LetsBuyIt.com as well as a number of strategic consultancy roles across the European dotcom market. Over the last fifteen years Michael has worked in both advertising agencies and client companies from Saatchi and Saatchi to Dell.

    Reader Review(s)

    "... a good guide" - The Guardian, July 2006