Brilliant Intern

Prentice Hall
Andrew Scherer  
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September 2011
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Doing an internship is both a great chance to get an insight into a particular industry, and a vital first step on the career ladder. If you are a student starting to think about life after university, if you are a graduate still unsure of what path you wish to follow, or even if you are a professional thinking of a career change, this book will equip you with the knowledge and skills to ensure your internship is a hugely beneficial experience.


  • Each chapter has clear objectives and summaries.
  • Real life case studies –which illustrate, inspire, console. 
  • Exercises/activities to build optimism and resilience running throughout the chapters

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

About the Author



PART 1             Finding an Internship

1.       Selecting a sector

2.       Advertised internships

3.       Internship agencies and recruitment services

4.       Speculative applications and hidden internships

5.       How to avoid bad internships

6.       CVs and cover letters

7.       Interviews

PART 2             During your Internship

8.     Preparations and expectations

9.       Your first day

10.       Your mentor

11.     Your boss

12.     Your colleagues

13.     Social media and the workplace

14.     Day-to-day office life

15.    Networking

PART 3             After your Internship

16.     Securing that job

17.      Your Reference

18.       Your new CV

19.       Staying in touch


PART 1 will look at all the processes involved in securing a beneficial internship, offering advice and insights into what areas are available (particularly emerging industries) and what kind of person might suit a sector. It will then offer guidance to the reader on the best places to find these opportunities – both publicised and hidden, and how to make the most of your application, from initial contact to interview stage. Crucially, PART 1 will also give expert advice on warning signs to look out for when applying for internships, ensuring candidates are not exploited or find themselves in a position they did not want.

PART 2 will walk the reader through all the aspects of conducting a successful internship, dealing with issues that a potential intern, particularly one who may not have experienced an office environment before, may not be aware of. It will range from ensuring you have everything ready to ensure your first day runs smoothly; keeping expectations realistic; managing relationships with superiors, colleagues and clients; and new potential stumbling blocks at work, such as the advent of social media and the implications thereof.

PART 3 will help the reader maximise their internship experience after it has finished. It will deal with securing a positive reference, how to update your CV/cover letter accordingly to include the extra experience, and give advice on cultivating the contacts made during a placement.

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What do you need to do to find and be accepted into the best internships for your graduate career?


Internships are fast becoming an essential part of every graduate’s career path. If you are a student starting to think about life after university, or a graduate unsure of what path you wish to follow, this book will equip you with the knowledge and skills to ensure your internship is a hugely beneficial experience.


Brilliant Intern is the essential guide to the process of finding a relevant, meaningful internship; getting as much out of the placement as possible; and utilising the experience and the contacts you have developed to help you secure your first job.

Brilliant Outcomes

  • Learn what employers want from an intern
  • Make your internship a positive and successful experience
  • Maximise your experience by securing a positive reference, updating your CV and cultivating your contacts


Inspiring Interns are the UK’s leading internship agency, working with thousands of graduates and employers to create meaningful work experience that leads to permanent employment. Inspiring Interns have appeared as expert panellists on Guardian careers talks; written their own internship manifesto for the 2010 General Election which was praised by Theresa May MP (now Home Secretary); and advised the CIPD on their report ‘Interns: to pay or not to pay’.

Andrew Scherer is marketing manager at Inspiring Interns. In his work as a journalist he ran several websites, was published in the Guardian, and has covered both the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Football World Cup.

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