Start Your Business Week by Week

Steve Parks  
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January 2013
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Start Your Business Week by Week
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In 26 weekly steps, this unique and cleverly structured book will walk any budding entrepreneur through everything you need to know and do, in the exact order you need to do it, to get your new business up and running. Each step contains a to-do list, an explanation of what needs to be done, useful hints and shortcuts and the contact information you need.


Written by an experienced entrepreneur and updated for a new global economy, this book contains the most up to date, fresh thinking and ideas, so you can overcome the challenges of a new business start-up and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Table of Contents



Week 1:The Beginning


Week 2: The Future


Week 3: Where Are You Now?


Week 4: Start Learning


Week 5: The Founders


Week 6: The Idea


Week 7: Idea to Opportunity


Week 8: Testing and Refining the Opportunity


Week 9: Pitching your Opportunity


Week 10: Customers


Week 11: Competitors


Week 12: Branding


Week 13: Sales

Week 14: Premises and Equipment


Week 15: People and Technology


Week 16: Suppliers


Week 17: Planning for Problems


Week 18: Profit Forecast


Week 19: Cash Flow Forecast


Week 20: The Business Plan


Week 21: Banks and Advisers


Week 22: Start Selling


Week 23: Pitching for Funding


Week 24: The Big Leap


Week 25: Making it Official


Week 26: Launch!





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Starting a business is one of the most rewarding and satisfying career moves you could make, and it’s not as difficult as you might think – if you have the right advice.


There's so much to think about and do in order to turn your idea into reality - and with so much at stake it's important to get it right.


That's why Start Your Business Week by Week has the unique approach of breaking everything down into manageable steps. Each week, it explains what to consider and decide, and what action to take. 


In this book, Steve Parks distils a huge wealth experience, from his own business start ups and from interviews with dozens of leading entrepreneurs. The result is a structured and insightful book that guides you skilfully through one of the biggest adventures in your life.


You’ll discover how to:

+ come up with a great business idea, or refine the one you have

+ get started as cheaply as possible to reduce your reliance on external finance
+ decide on suppliers and plan cash flow

+ find customers and make sure you’re offering them what they really want

+ make the business admin as simple as possible

+ avoid the pitfalls most start ups make

+ grow your sales and make your business a success


New to this second edition:

+ How to run experiments to test and improve your business idea

+ Tips for great online services to help you start and run your business more cheaply and easily




Steve Parks is also the author of How To Be An Entrepreneur; The Small Business Handbook; and How To Fund Your Business. He recently set up an exciting and groundbreaking new business and is a veteran entrepreneur with vast experience. He began his career as a journalist and presenter for BBC Radio.