Programmable Logic Controllers

James A. Rehg / Glenn J. Sartori  
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November 2013
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Programmable Logic Controllers
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For courses in Programmable Logic Controllers where the Allen/Bradley programmable logic controller is the controller of choice.

This text focuses on the theory and operation of PLC systems with an emphasis on program analysis and development. The book is written in easy-to-read and understandable language with many crisp illustrations and practical examples. It describes the PLC instructions for the Allen-Bradley PLC 5, SLC 500, and Logix processors with an emphasis on the SLC 500 system using numerous figures, tables, and example problems. The text features a new two-column and four-color interior design that improves readability and figure placement. The book's organization also has improved; all the chapter questions and problems are listed in one convenient location in Appendix D with page locations for all chapter references in the questions and problems. This book describes the technology in a clear, concise style that is effective in helping students who have no previous experience in PLCs or discrete and analog system control.

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Hallmark Features

  • Describes the PLC instructions for the Allen-Bradley PLC 5, SLC 500, and Logix processors with an emphasis on the SLC 500 system using numerous figures, tables, and example problems.
  • Provides student problems from easy to challenging in the following five formats:
    • PLC system and setup based problems using the text CD
    • PLC 5
    • SLC 500
    • Logix
    • Challenge problems that could use any PLC system.
  • Effective two-part organization:
    • Part I covers fundamental PLC concepts plus the operation and programming formats for the most frequently used PLC instructions.
    • Part II addresses advanced ladder logic instructions and applications, analog and process control instructions, the new IEC 61131 PLC languages, and industrial networks.
  • Includes aCD-ROM with reference material from Allen-Bradley.
  • Provides a concise description of the five IEC 61131 programming languages and includes detailed descriptions and example roblems;
    • Ladder logic
    • Function block diagram
    • Structured text
    • Sequential function chart languages supported by the Logix processors.
  • Standard logic and standard programming modules are used to show how ladder logic, function block diagrams, and structured text programs are analyzed or developed with blocks or modules of program code.
  • An empirical design process is included to provide a structure for program development.
  • A generic troubleshooting process for PLCs is presented, plus all ladder logic programming and field device chapters include troubleshooting techniques at the end of the chapter.
  • On-line instructor resources include:
    • Over 1,500 multicolor PowerPoint slides with over 500 high-resolution figures and tables, slide text covering key points from the chapters, and instructor notes to describe the slide text content in detail.
    • Four individual PowerPoint presentations: a full presentation covering all chapter in the text; a presentation with only ladder logic for use in a typical first course in PLCs, a presentation for only the PLC 5 and SLC 500 processor with a primary emphasis on the SLC 500 instructions; and a presentation on the four Logix programming languages: ladder logic, function block diagrams, structured text, and sequential function chart.
    • On-line solutions to chapter questions and problems.
    • An on-line test bank is available for all chapters with test-generation software available at no cost.
    • Laboratory exercises that can be used for all chapter content

New to this Edition

This edition is updated to include:

  • Reader-friendly layout — An improved text design features a two-column and four-color interior, improving readability and the placement of figures.
  • Improved organization -- All chapter questions and problems are listed in one convenient location (Appendix D), including the actual page numbers for all chapter references in the questions and problems.
  • A second on-line test bank is included that is keyed to the objectives listed at the start of each chapter for competency-based testing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers

Chapter 2 Input Devices and Output Actuators

Chapter 3 Introduction to PLC Programming

Chapter 4 Programming Timers

Chapter 5 Programming Counters

Chapter 6 Arithmetic and Move Instructions

Chapter 7 Comparison Instructions

Chapter 8 Program Control & Miscellaneous Instructions

Chapter 9 Indirect and Indexed Addressing

Chapter 10 Data Handling Instructions and Shift Registers

Chapter 11 PLC Sequencer Functions

Chapter 12 Analog Sensors and Control Systems

Chapter 13 PLC Programming Standard IEC 61131-3 – Function Block Diagrams

Chapter 14 Intermittent and Continuous Process Control

Chapter 15 PLC Programming Standard IEC 61131-3 – Text Based Languages

Chapter 16 PLC Programming Standard IEC 61131-3 – Sequential Function Charts

Appendix A – Glossary

Appendix B – PLC Module Interface Circuits

Appendix C-- Programmable Logic Controller History