Atiyah and Adams' Sale of Goods

Rick Canavan / Christian Twigg-Flesner  
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August 2020
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Table of Contents

Preface to the Fourteenth Edition


Table of statutes

Table of cases

Table of statutory instruments

Part I Nature and formation of the contract of sale

1 Sources of the law of sale of goods

2 The contract of sale

3 Subject-matter of the contract

4 The types of obligation created

Part II The duties of the seller

5 The existence of the goods and the duty to pass a good title

6 The duty to deliver the goods

7 The duty to supply goods of the right quality

8 Exclusion of seller’s liability

Part III The duties of the buyer

9 The duties of the buyer

Part IV The effects of the contract

10 The transfer of property

11 Risk and frustration

12 Transfer of title by a non-owner

Part V Export sales

13 Export sales

14 International Convention on Sales of Goods (‘CISG’)

Part VI The remedies of the seller

15 Real remedies

16 Personal remedies

Part VII The remedies of the buyer

17 Rejection of the goods, rescission and specific performance

18 Action for damages

Part VIII Consumer sales

19 Consumer sales contracts

20 Product liability

21 Manufacturers’ guarantees


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Understand the law on the sale of goods and analyse detailed arguments


Atiyah and Adams’ Sale of Goods, 14th Edition, by Twigg-Flesner and Canavan is a highly readable and comprehensive account of the law governing the sale of goods. It is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and a valuable point of first reference for practitioners of commercial law.


This book addresses the increasing split of the law on the sale of goods between commercial and consumer contracts, which is reflected in the separate treatment of consumer law aspects.


New to this edition:

The 14th Edition has been fully updated to reflect all recent developments in the law:

●   updated in light of recent cases and academic commentary (e.g., the impact of the Supreme Court's ruling PST Energy 7 LLC v OW Bunker Malta Ltd)

●   further streamlining of number of chapters and removal of out-of-date material



Christian Twigg-Flesner is Professor of International Commercial Law, School of Law, University of Warwick.


Rick Canavan is Head of Faculty, Faculty of Business and Law, Manchester Metropolitan University.



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