Essential Guide to Secondary Teaching, The

Susan Davies OBE  
Pearson Longman
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May 2010
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Essential Guide to Secondary Teaching, The
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The Essential Guide to Secondary Teaching is the complete guidebook for the secondary school teacher. Including practical guidance on planning lessons, writing reports, formative assessment, being a good form tutor and using learning support assistants effectively, this book will also provide information on the school as an effective organisation and the teacher’s part within it to help you become an excellent classroom practitioner.


  • Begins with School Organisation, then looks at Teaching and Learning, Behaviour, Assessment and CPD
  • Practical examples to illustrate school development plans and curriculum plans
  • Provides tools and techniques that can be taken straight from the page and used in the classroom
  • Avoids education ‘jargon’ and teacher speak

Table of Contents

  • Part 1 School organisation
  • Chapter 1 The school as an organisation
  • Chapter 2 Organising pupils for learning
  • Part 2 Teaching and learning
  • Chapter 3 The National Curriculum
  • Chapter 4 Boys and girls are different!
  • Chapter 5 Poverty, ethnicity and pupil attainment
  • Chapter 6 Readability, reading ages and writing frames
  • Chapter 7 Personalised learning – every child matters
  • Chapter 8 Learning to teach and teaching to learn – planning lessons
  • Chapter 9 Storing data and organising lesson plans
  • Chapter 10 Using classroom supports to maximise pupils’ learning
  • Part 3 Behaviour management
  • Chapter 11 Behaviour – let’s start at the very beginning
  • Chapter 12 Behaviour management – teachers rule, OK!
  • Chapter 13 Promoting inclusion in our schools
  • Part 4 Assessment for learning
  • Chapter 14 Assessment for learning – marking for success
  • Chapter 15 Pupil data – what is it and how is it gathered?
  • Chapter 16 How schools use data to improve achievement
  • Chapter 17 Reporting to parents – best practice
  • Part 5 The pastoral programme and the curriculum
  • Chapter 18 The role of the form tutor and the pastoral team
  • Chapter 19 The PSHE curriculum in our schools
  • Chapter 20 Pupil induction and transition from Key Stage to Key Stage
  • Chapter 21 Attendance, child protection and anti-bullying strategies
  • Part 6 School improvement and continuing professional development
  • Chapter 22 School inspections – what makes a good school?
  • Chapter 23 Applying for a job, preparing a lesson and the interview
  • Chapter 24 Continuing professional development
  • Conclusion

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Training to teach or a newly qualified teacher in a secondary school?


The Essential Guide to Secondary Teaching contains everything you need to help you become an effective and confident teaching professional.


The highly practical focus, coupled with an insight into the theory and thinking behind the practices you find in schools today, make this an invaluable resource, not just in your first few years in the post, but as a companion guide long into your teaching career.


Written by an award-winning teacher with over 30 years’ experience, this guide provides an insight into new educational initiatives and theories, bringing you up-to-date with current educational thinking. It is packed with practical information, teaching tips and tried and tested advice on issues such as:


-         How to plan differentiated lessons

-         How to manage the behaviour of your pupils

-         How to use data effectively to track the progress of your pupils and set meaningful targets

-         How to mark effectively and manage your time

-         How to manage an area of responsibility in your school

-         How to contribute to the pastoral team of the school

-         How to apply for jobs and manage your own professional development