Financial Accounting

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Tony Davies / Ian Crawford  
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May 2012
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Financial Accounting
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With a clear and comprehensive style, this text leads readers through their studies of Financial Accounting step-by-step, perfectly balancing theory and real-life practice.

It includes topical coverage of corporate governance, international accounting standards, statement of principles (SOP), e-business, and information technology as they apply to financial accounting.

This lively and up-to-date text is perfect for introductory financial accounting modules delivered as part of a business degree or MBA programmes and is full of examples, exercises and cases studies to aid students' understanding of the subject.


  • Up-to-date coverage of the latest developments in accounting and finance including:
    - international accounting standards
    - statement of principles (SOP)
    - e-business
    - information technology.
  • Questions, discussion points and exercises to help students cement their understanding of theories presented in each chapter.
  • Press extracts to help to illustrate business finance issues in the real world.
  • Six case studies, three in the text and three hosted on the companion website, 
    provide an opportunity for students to apply and develop the knowledge, techniques, analytical skills and judgement they will acquire as they work through the text.
  • Instructor and student resources including a Student Companion Website, Instructors Manual, and PowerPoint slides.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The importance of financial accounting
Chapter 2 Classifying and recording financial transactions
Chapter 3 Financial statements of limited companies:  balance sheet
Chapter 4 Financial statements of limited companies:  income statement
Chapter 5 Financial statements of limited companies:  statement of cash flows
Case Study I
Chapter 6 Corporate governance
Chapter 7 Financial statements analysis
Case Study II
Chapter 8 Annual report and accounts
Chapter 9 Financing the business Case Study III
Appendix 1 IFRSs and IASs
Appendix 2 Solutions to selected exercises

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How are the techniques of financial accounting used to provide reporting of financial information?


How does financial accounting support the planning and management of a business?


How does financial accounting assist in the management and control of cash and other assets owned by the business?  


To answer these and many more questionsFinancial Accounting: An Introduction is a must-read for anyone studying financial accounting for the first time. This lively and user-friendly introduction to financial accounting takes readers logically and clearly through the theory and practical techniques of financial accounting to provide a flexible study tool for students and lecturers.


Key Features

  • Topical and up-to-date coverage includes the application of IFRS andIAS financial reporting requirements, and a chapter on corporate governance.
  • Worked Examples, Progress Checks, Illustrative Charts and Diagrams facilitate effective learning and provide frequent reinforcement.
  • Press Extracts provide an insight into the real-life application of financial accounting and reporting by companies including Birmingham City FC, Persimmon, Thorntons and EasyDate.
  • Annual Report andAccounts of Johnson Matthey Plc are used to illustrate the techniques of financial analysis and trend analysis, and corporate governance reporting.
  • Case Studies, End of Chapter Questions, Discussion Points, and Exercises develop the techniques, analytical skills and judgement acquired from working through each chapter.

Visit the companion website at to access an extensive range of additional resources, including further case studies and chapter-end exercises, self-test multiple choice questions, glossary flashcards, useful weblinks and an author Q&A.


For instructors, a comprehensive suite of resources is available online, including an instructor’s manual with all chapter-end exercise solutions, additional exercises with model solutions, additional case studies and debriefs, and PowerPoint presentations featuring all the book illustrations.


Tony Davies FCMA CGMA MBA MCMI heads up Lucis Consulting, an international business and financial consultancy and training provider, and formerly lectured on finance and accounting at Bangor Business School, University of Wales.


Ian Crawford CPFA is a lecturer in accounting and finance at the University of Bath.


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