Software Quality Assurance

Daniel Galin  
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August 2003
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Software quality assurance (SQA) systems are vital for software developers in the software and the electronics industries as well as for information systems divisions in organizations.   This book, based on many years consulting and teaching experience, is designed to serve three audiences: students at universities and colleges, participants in vocational training courses in the industry and practitioners/professionals. Each chapter will conclude with commonly raised questions, problems, short case studies, and topics for discussion.   The methodology to be presented in the book conforms with the requirements of ISO 9000 standards (ISO 9001 Quality Management and Quality Assurance Standard and of ISO 9000-3 Guidelines for the Application of ISO 9001 to the Development, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Computer Software). The topics that will be covered will conform with the requirements of most vocational training programs (e.g.. the American Society for Quality's training program for Certified Software Quality Engineers).   The book is designed to include in its appendices a collection of useful templates and checklists containing items of great interest to practitioners and students, and is accompanied by an Instructor’s Solutions Manual and PowerPoint Slides.


  • Emphasizes state-of-the-art topics such as computerized tools for software testing and for managing SQA activities.
  • Emphasises the application aspects of SQA systems, discussing how to overcome difficulties in the implementation and operation of SQA systems.
  • Integrates real-life examples into the text.
  • Numerous pedagogical features (summary boxes, faqs, problems, case studies and discussion topics).
  • Professional appendices (a collection of useful document templates and review checklists).

Table of Contents

PartI: Introduction
Ch. 1:  The Software Quality Challenge..
Ch. 2:  What is Software Quality?
Ch. 3:  Software Quality Factors
Ch. 4:  The Components of the Software Quality Assurance System - Overview.
Part II: Pre-Project Software Quality Components
Ch. 5:  Contract Review
Ch. 6:  Development and Quality Plans
Part III: SQA Components in the Project Life Cycle
Ch. 7:  Integrating Quality Activities in the Project Life Cycle
Ch. 8:  Reviews
Ch. 9:  Software Testing - Strategies
Ch. 10:  Software Testing - Implementation
Ch. 11:  Assuring The Quality of Software Maintenance
Ch. 12:  Assuring The Quality of External Participants' Parts
Ch. 13:  Case Tools and their Affect on Software Quality.
Part  IV:  Software Quality Infrastructure Components
Ch.14:  Procedures and Work Instructions.
Ch.15:  Supporting Quality Devices
Ch. 16:  Staff Training, Instructing and Certification.
Ch. 17:  Preventive and Corrective Actions.
Ch. 18:  Configuration Management
Ch. 19:  Documentation and Quality Records Controls.
PART V:   Softwre Quality Management Components
Ch. 20:   Project Progress Control
Ch. 21:  Software Quality Metrics
Ch. 22:   Software Quality Costs
PART VI:  Standards, Certification and Assessment
Ch. 23:  SQA Standards
Ch. 24:  ISO 9001 Certification
Ch. 25:   Software Process Assessment
PART VII:  Organizing for Quality Assurance
Ch. 26:  Management and its Role in Quality Assurance
Ch. 27:  The Software Quality Assurance Unit.
Ch. 28:  SQA Trustees and Committees
EPILOGUE: The Future of SQA
The Future of SQA: Challenges.
The Future of SQA: Tools for Overcoming the Challenges

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