Nature and Properties of Soils, The: Pearson New International Edition

Nyle C. Brady / Raymond R. Weil  
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July 2013
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Nature and Properties of Soils, The: Pearson New International Edition
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For Introduction to Soils or Fundamentals of Soil Science courses. Also for courses in Soil Fertility, Forest Soils, Soil Management, Land Resources, Earth Science, and Soil Geography.


Developed for Introduction to Soils or Soil Science courses, The Nature and Properties of Soils, 14e can be used in courses such as Soil Fertility, Land Resources, Earth Science and Soil Geography. Now in its 14th edition, this text is designed to help make students study of soils a fascinating and intellectually satisfying experience. Written for both majors and non-majors, this text highlights the many interactions between the soil and other components of forest, range, agricultural, wetland and constructed ecosystems.   



New section on septic tank drain fields

  • An environmental application of soil science of major importance 

Expanded and totally revised section on irrigation management

  • An important topic for students interested in irrigation in the Western US 

Updated section on engineering properties of soils

  • Includes consistence, consistency, soil strength and sudden failure in cohesive and non-cohesive soils 

Text is organized with several cross referencing chapters

  • Allows instructors flexibility when teaching the course

Special topics are treated in boxes

  • Instructors can use the boxes to highlight topics that are covered in their classroom structure 

Study questions have been added to the end of each chapter to help students think and review the topics and their interactions

  • 10 to 15 questions per chapter


New to this Edition

The number of color plates have been doubled

  • 35 high quality images illustrating nutrient deficiencies, soil landscapes and soil management practices 


Topic discussions have been updated

  • Textual and visual material has been updated to ensure students have the most up-to-date information 


New study questions and problems added

  • Questions are drawn from topics such as exosphere concept, sub aqueous soils, geography, soils and human health.

New and expanded discussion of ORGANIC FARMING (Chapter 20) and expanded explanations of principles and practices relevant to organic agriculture (through out).

New detailed discussion of soil quality concepts and assessment (including worked problems) and solutions for enhancing productivity and sustainability of resource poor farmers of the tropics - Chapter 20


Table of Contents



1 The Soils Around Us   

2 Formation of Soils from Parent Materials

3 Soil Classification  

4 Soil Architecture and Physical Properties   

5 Soil Water: Characteristics and Behavior  

6 Soil and the Hydrologic Cycle   

7 Soil Aeration and Temperature  

8 Soil Colloids: Seat of Soil Chemical and Physical Activity

9 Soil Acidity   

10 Soils of Dry Regions: Alkalinity, Salinity, and Sodicity   

11 Organisms and Ecology of the Soil

12 Soil Organic Matter  

13 Nitrogen and Sulfur Economy of Soils  

14 Soil Phosphorus and Potassium  

15 Micronutrients and Other Trace Elements   

16 Practical Nutrient Management

17 Soil Erosion and Its Control  

18 Soils and Chemical Pollution  

19 Geographic Soils Information

20 Prospects for Global Soil Quality  

Appendix A Soil Classification: World Resource Base; Autralian and Canadian Systems   

Appendix B SI Units, Conversion Factors, Periodic Table of the Elements and Scentific Names of Plants Mentioned