Principles of Cancer Biology

Lewis J. Kleinsmith  
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November 2013
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Principles of Cancer Biology
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Principles of Cancer Biology, is an engaging book focused on providing students with a “big picture” view of cancer. Author Lewis Kleinsmith has written an instructional text focusing on key concepts for both students and a general audience. For those instructors who wish to delve into particular aspects of cancer biology in greater depth, each chapter contains a list of suggested readings that expand the detail as needed.

The text also emphasizes the scientific evidence that underlies cancer biology, and teaches students to think critically about this evidence- as there are constantly new “breakthroughs” and reports in this field. For students who need the review, there are brief reviews of several topics related to DNA replication and repair, cell division, cell signaling, and inheritance patterns in chapters where these subjects are relevant. By including these reviews, the text is both accessible and engaging to a broad audience of readers who are studying cancer biology for the first time, as well as an interested general audience.


  • Focus on the key concepts to help build a foundation for further study.
  • Scientifically based. The text teaches students how to read and critically evaluate the current research.
  • Every chapter is subdivided into a series of conceptual sections, each introduced by a Sentence Heading that summarizes the Principle being described in that section. In addition, the importance of scientific evidence is highlighted by including more than 50 graphs, histograms, and pie charts containing data from the scientific literature, each accompanied by a citation to the original source of the data.
  • Art that Teaches. Each piece of art in the text has been carefully considered to ensure that readers can easily absorb the data.
  • A bulleted Summary of Main Concepts is found at the end of each chapter helping students review the major principles covered in that chapter.
  • Suggested Reading lists are included at the end of each chapter with an emphasis on review articles and carefully selected research publications that students are likely to find especially relevant and understandable.
  • A Glossary containing a brief definition of every boldfaced term is included as a reference tool at the end of the book. Each definition is followed by one or more page references indicating where in the book the meaning of the term is described.
  • The artwork that accompanies the text is designed to accomplish several different objectives. Some line drawings are designed to illustrate or summarize important biological concepts and activities related to cancer, whereas others describe the ways in which particular experiments have been conceptualized and carried out.

Table of Contents

1. What Is Cancer?
2. Profile of a Cancer Cell
3. How Cancers Spread
4. Identifying the Causes of Cancer
5. Chemicals and Cancer
6. Radiation and Cancer
7. Infectious Agents and Cancer
8. Heredity and Cancer
9. Oncogenes
10. Tumor Suppressor Genes and Cancer Overview
11. Cancer Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment
12. Preventing Cancer  
Appendix A. Main Types of Cancer
Appendix B. Human Carcinogens