Speech Preparation Workbook

Speech Preparation Workbook - Suzanne Osborn - 9780205564118 - Communication - Speech Comm (90)
Allyn & Bacon
Suzanne Osborn  
Total pages
March 2005
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This workbook provides a variety of forms to help students prepare their self-introductory speech, analyzing the audience, selecting topics, conducting research, organize supporting materials, and outline their speeches. These materials are designed to help make the student's journey through the realm of public speaking a little easier to navigate.

Table of Contents

                Table of Contents                                                                  



1    Checklist for Speech Preparation

2    Learning by Objesctives Worksheet 

3    “How Free Is Too Free?” 

4    Reading Log  

5    Guidelines for Preparing a Speech of Self-Introduction       

6    Self-awareness Inventory                                                          

8    Outline format for a Self-Introductory Speech                      

10    Checklist for a Self-Introductory Speech                               

11    Practice Presentation Feedback Form                                     

12    Evaluation form for a Self-Introductory Speech                   

14    Personal Report of Communication Apprehension Scale   

15    Listening Problems Checklist                                                   

16    Speech Evaluation Form                                                            

17    Guidelines for Evaluating an Outside Speaker                       

18    Audience Analysis Questionnaire                                            

19    College Student Attitude Questionaire                                    

20    Assessing Your Speech Environment                                      

21    Assessing Your Audience                                                          

22    Values Survey I                                                                             

23    Values Survey II                                                                            

24    Revised Gene Scale                                                                      

25    Please Fill in the Blanks                                                               

26    Avoiding Sexist Language                                                         

27    Audience Analysis Worksheet                                                   

28    Source Credibility Questionnaire                                             

29    Personal Interest Inventory                                                       

30    Audience Interest Inventory                                                      

31    Personal and Audience Interests Worksheet                          

32    Topic Focusing Worksheet                                                        

33    Personal Knowledge and Experience Worksheet                   

34    Research Strategy Worksheet                                                   

35    Research Overview Form (Page 1)                                           

36    Research Overview Form (Page 2)                                           

37    Guidelines for Supporting a Point                                            

38    Outline worksheet for Supporting a Point                              

39    Checklist for Supporting a Point                                              

40    Evaluation of a One-Point Presentation                                  

41    Possible Topics for Stories                                                       

42    Worksheet for Structural Analysis                                           

43    Structuring Worksheet (Page 1)                                               

44    Structuring Worksheet (Page 2)                                               

45    Checklist for Using Presentation Aids                                    

46    How Much Is?                                                                              

47    New Adages for Old                                                                   

48    Guide for Evaluating a Presentation                                        

49    Guide for Evaluating Voice and Articulation                          

50    Guide for Evaluating Impromptu Presentations                   

51    Evaluation Form for Question-and-Answer Sessions         

52    Evaluation Form for Televised Presentations                        

53    Humor Orientation Scale                                                          

54    Group Discussion Participant Evaluation Form                    

55    Leadership Potential Questionnaire                                        

56    What Kind of Leader Are You?                                                  

58    What Kind of Follower Are You?                                               

60    What Designs to Use When                                                       

61    Guidelines for a Working Outline                                            

62    Working Outline Worksheet                                                     

66    Checklist for a Working Outline                                              

67    Scrambled Outline I                                                                  

68    Scrambled Outline II                                                                 

69    Find the Fallacy                                                                          

70    Informative Speech Evaluation Form                                    
71    Persuasive Speech Evaluation Form                                      

72    Ceremonial Speech Evaluation Form                                      

73    Self-evaluation Form                                                                 

74    Peer Evaluation Form                                                                

75    Guidelines for Using a Spatial Design                                     

76    Outline Worksheey: Spatial Design                                          

79    Checklist for Spatial Design                                                      

80    Guidelines for Using a Sequential Design                              

81    Outline Worksheet: Sequential Design                                    

84    Checklist for a Sequential Design                                           

85    Guidelines for Using a Categorical Design                             

86    Outline Worksheet: Categorical Design                                   

89    Checklist for a Categorical Design                                           

90    Guidelines for Using a Comparative Design                           

91    Outline Worksheet: Comparative Design                                

94    Checklist for Comparative Design                                           

95    Guidelines for Using a Causation Design                               

96    Outline Worksheet: Causation Design                                     

99    Checklist for Causation Design                                                

100    Guidelines for Using a Problem-Solution Design               

101    Outline Worksheet: Problem-Solution Design                     

105    Checklist for Problem-Solution Design                                  

106    Guidelines for Using a Motivated Sequence Design              

107    Outline Worksheet: Motivated Sequence Design                    

110    Checklist for Motivated Sequence Design                               

111    Guidelines for Using a Refutative Design                                

112    Outline Worksheet: Refutative Design                                      

117    Checklist for Refutative Design