Introduction to Computer Numerical Control

Prentice Hall
James V. Valentino / Joseph Goldenberg / AAA Predator, Inc  
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August 2012

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Introduction to Computer Numerical Control
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For all introductory courses in Computer Numerical Control (CNC), including undergraduate courses of both one and two semesters, typically offered in freshman year, at community colleges, or at trade schools.


This is the industry’s most thorough, easy-to-follow, and well-illustrated introduction to the fundamentals of CNC technology and programming. Throughout, it relies on illustrations and interactive software to promote learning, not lengthy narratives. Coverage includes: programming linear profiles, programming with cutter diameter compensation, programming with subprograms, CNC lathe programming, and more. Program patterns are provided with many programs, quickly explaining what groups of programming blocks are intended to accomplish. This edition contains an all-new chapter on wire EDM technology and programming, as well as new and updated reference appendices.


Interactive dynamic displays of machining examples are presented via an full industrial quality machining simulator¿ are now available via a website:



Thorough coverage of CNC technology and programming fundamentals—including linear profiles, cutter diameter compensation, subprograms, CNC lathe programming, and more

  • Brings together up-to-date coverage of everything students will need to succeed with modern CNC technology and programming

Extensively illustrated—helping students master concepts and techniques more quickly, and showing them modern CNC tools

  • Makes learning CNC more visual and intuitive

Many self-contained programming exercises—specifying operations to be performed, tooling, tool speed, tool feed, and job fixturing data

  • Gives students extensive realistic hands-on practice

New to this Edition

New! All-new EDM chapter–thoroughly introducing wire EDM technology and programming

  • Offers an added dimension in CNC technology learning that enables students to prepare even more thoroughly for success in industry

New! Modern Computer-Aided Part Programming chapter–covering modern developments in CNC programming, using offline computers to write and store part programs, APT, CAD/CAM elements, and the use of Mastercam CNC software

  • Introduces students to modern techniques and tools 

New! Several additional useful appendices–covering safety precautions, important GDT symbols, OD/ID tool identification systems, mill and lathe simulators, and Predator simulation software

  • Makes the text an even more useful reference to students working in industry

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Computer Numerical Control Manufacturing

2. Modern Machine Tool Controls

3. Tooling for Hole and Milling Operations

4. Exploring Features of CNC Manufacturing Centers

5. Review of Basic Blueprint Reading for CNC Programmers

6. Mathematics for CNC Programming

7. An Overview of CNC Shop Activities

8. Word Address Programming

9. Programming Hole Operations

10. Programming Linear Profiles

11. Programming Circular Profiles

12. Programming with Cutter Diameter Compensation

13. Programming with Subprograms

14. Introduction to the CNC Lathe

15. Fundamental Concepts of CNC Lathe Programming

16. Techniques and Fixed Cycles for CNC Lathe Programming

17. Introduction to CNC Wire EDM

18. Modern Computer-Aided Part Programming


Appendix A: Important Safety Precautions

Appendix B: Summaries of Codes

Appendix C: Recommended Speeds and Feeds for Drilling, Milling, and Turning

Appendix D: Summary of Important Machining Formulas

Appendix E: Tables of Important GDT Symbols

Appendix F: Identification System for OD and ID Tools

Appendix G: Running the Mill Simulator

Appendix H: Writing and Verifying Mill Part Programs via Predator Simulation Software

Appendix I: Running the Lathe Simulator

Appendix J: Writing and Verifying Turn Part Programs via Predator Simulation Software