C++ for Java Programmers

Prentice Hall
Mark A. Weiss  
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October 2003
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C++ for Java Programmers
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For courses in C++ Intermediate Programming.

Best selling author Mark Allen Weiss wrote this book as a concise no-nonsense introduction to C++ for experienced programmers learning a second language or for use as a supplemental reference in C++ based courses such as data structures. The book could be used as a primary textbook for moderately experienced Java programmers who need a concise and authoritative tutorial/reference to C++. He builds on students existing knowledge of Java programming and Weiss covers all important aspects of the complex C++ language in under 300 pages.


  • Accessible presentation.
    • Takes into consideration students' Java background, and offers them a highly usable presentation on the key C++ features.

  • Contains insightful Java versus C++ comparative material.
    • Leverages students and teachers knowledge of Java by providing information about key language differences.

    • Allows a faster path to productive C++ programming than 1000 page tomes.

  • Includes thorough coverage of OOP.
    • Students can transfer their OOP skills to the Rich C++ environment while avoiding traps and pitfalls.

  • Coverage of C programming material.
    • Useful for advanced courses that require C programming or C++ programming that interfaces with C-style library routines.

  • An entire chapter devoted to JNI.
    • Includes practical advice about C++ traps and pitfalls.

Table of Contents

 0. Introduction.

 1. Basic Types and Control Structures.

 2. Functions, Arrays, Strings, and Parameter Passing.

 3. Pointers and Reference Variables.

 4. Object-Based Programming: Classes.

 5. Operator Overloading.

 6. Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance.

 7. Templates.

 8. Abnormal Control Flow.

 9. Input and Output.

10. Collections: The Standard Template Library.

11. Primitive Arrays and Strings.

12. C-Style C++.

13. Using Java and C++: The JNI.



Back Cover

For experienced Java programmers and students who require the skills of C++ programming, best-selling author Mark Allen Weiss bridges the gap. He efficiently presents the complex C++ language in this well-designed tutorial/reference that both students and seasoned programmers will appreciate. The book is ideal as a primary text for intermediate C++ courses, as a supplemental no-nonsense reference for other courses, or for independent learning by professionals.

C++ for Java Programmers is a concise, well-written text that provides authoritative and up-to-date coverage of key features and details of C++, with a special focus on how C++ compares to Java. The book's approach shows knowledgeable students or professionals how to grasp the complexities of C++ and harness its power by mutually addressing the benefits and the pitfalls of the two languages. By highlighting the features and comparative elements of each language, and building on the reader's existing knowledge of object-oriented programming, C++ for Java Programmers enables users to master the essentials of C++ quickly and thoroughly.

Key Features
  • Includes insightful comparisons of the two programming languages throughout the text and points out the subtleties of C++
  • Succinctly covers the pertinent highlights of STL (Standard Template Library) and the most effective use of templates
  • Explains the use of the powerful JNI (Java Native Interface) for combining Java and C++
  • Includes a summary of key C++ features and issues with each chapter
  • Provides extensive treatment of C details the programmer is likely to encounter in C++
  • Companion Website for complete online source code at:
  • Available Instructors Resource CD-ROM