Operations Management 9th Edition with MyOMLab

Nigel Slack / Alistair Brandon-Jones  
August 2019
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This package includes MyLab Operations Management. Students, if MyLab Operations Management is a recommended/mandatory component of the course, please ask your instructor for the correct ISBN and course ID. MyLab Operations Management should only be purchased when required by an instructor. Instructors, contact your Pearson representative for more information.  To purchase the standalone print book, you need to order ISBN: 9781292253961

New to this Edition

Key changes to the 9th edition include:


·    Extended and refreshed set of ‘Problems and applications’ questions with new model answers to selected questions on the student companion website. Answers to all questions are available to lecturers.

·    Re-design of chapter on process technology to reflect the rapid development of new technologies.

·    Brand new case study on Ikea, examining innovative changes to their operating practices

·    Over 40 new ‘Operations in practice’ boxes, with a focus on the application of new technologies in most chapters.

·    Extensive new material including: surge pricing, digital twins, servitisation, B2B and B2C relationship, line of sight in internal process networks, Net Promoter Scores, process mining, Gartner hype cycle, work-life balance, use of blockchain in supply chains, knowledge management, circular economy, quality of experience, cyber security and service guarantees.

Table of Contents

Part One – Directing the operation

1. Operations management

2. Operations performance

3. Operations strategy

4. Product and service innovation

5. The structure and scope of operations

Part Two – Designing the operation

6. Process design

7. Layout and flow

8. Process technology

9. People in operations


Part Three – Deliver

10.   Planning and control

11.   Capacity management

12.   Supply chain management

13.   Inventory management

14.   Planning and control systems

15.   Lean operations


Part Four – Development

16.   Operations improvement

17.   Quality management

18.   Managing risk and recovery

19.   Project management

Back Cover

Operations may not run the world, but it makes the world run!

To truly understand the way a business operates, you need to get your hands dirty - that’s how you get to appreciate what's actually happening within an organization. Looking inside for the answers is what Operations Management is all about.

Learn from world-leading experts Nigel Slack and Alistair Brandon-Jones and benefit from their wealth of experience helping improve businesses of all shapes and sizes. Strategic in its perspective, the book offers a comprehensive and practical way to explore key concepts and see them in action through a plethora of international examples.

What makes Operations Management, 9th edition work so well?

●    Clear structure (thanks to the “4 Ds” model of operations management)

●    Real life examples through the ‘operations in practice’ boxes and case studies

●    Worked examples blend qualitative and quantitative perspectives

●    Critical commentaries pose alternative views where appropriate

●    Summary answers to key questions in practical bullet points