International Economics: International Edition

Steven Husted / Michael Melvin  
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October 2012
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International Economics: International Edition


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For students taking a course in International Economics. 

Capture students’ attention with the issues and real data of today’s most recent policy controversies.

International Economics is an accessible, comprehensive and relevant guide for studying international economics. Using real data and issues that motivate theoretical discussions, this text captures students’ attention and equips them with a practical understanding of major policy questions.


International Economics in Today’s World. 
Understanding international economics has never been more important. Due to the current economic crisis, several leading countries have launched ambitious spending and tax policies in order to moderate the economic effects. International Economics takes this into consideration and covers current global developments in depth and in a way that is understandable to students just beginning their economic study.

Accessible to Majors or Non-majors alike. 
This text is not mathematically overpowering, increasing its accessibility to a wider range of students.. The more difficult extensions are relegated to appendixes and, as extra aid for difficult problems, a study guide is available to accompany the book. 

Helpful learning aids incorporated throughout the text: 

•  A marginal glossary defines new concepts.
•  Global insights and case studies boxes present “real-world” counterparts to the ideas being developed in the main text.
•  A set of exercises at the end of each chapter provide extended practice.
•  Real world examples are extensively incorporated into the text, giving students a feel for how the information they’re learning applies in context. 
•  The most up-to-date statistics available appear in tables throughout.

New to this Edition

Offer the latest information: In addition to updated data and examples, a number of revisions have been made to this edition. The most substantial revisions to this edition are:

  • Extensive updates to the second half of the book Ch 11-18 with almost completely new chapters
  • New coverage of the Eurocurrency market
  • New coverage of modeling the macroecononomy
  • Updated coverage of the International Monetary System
  • Updated coverage of the foreign exchange market and trading
  • 25% of Global Insights feature boxes have been updated for current events and information

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to International Trade

Chapter 2: Tools of Analysis for International Trade Models

Chapter 3: The Classical Model of International Trade

Chapter 4: The Heckscher-Ohlin Model

Chapter 5: Tests of Trade Models: the Leontief Paradox and Its Aftermath

Chapter 6: Tariffs

Chapter 7: Nontariff Barriers and Arguments for Protection

Chapter 8: Commercial Policy: History and Practice

Chapter 9: Preferential Trade Agreements

Chapter 10: International Trade and Economic Growth

Chapter 11: The Balance of Payments

Chapter 12: The Foreign Exchange Market

Chapter 13: International Monetary Systems

Chapter 14: Exchange Rates in the Short Run

Chapter 15: Exchange Rates in the Long Run

Chapter 16: Theories of the Current Account Balance

Chapter 17: Open Economy Macroeconomics

Chapter 18: International Banking, Debt and Risk

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