Music Fundamentals, Methods, and Materials for the Elementary Classroom Teacher

Rene Boyer / Michon Rozmajzl  
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July 2013
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Music Fundamentals, Methods, and Materials for the Elementary Classroom Teacher
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Designed for prospective teachers without extensive music backgrounds, this market-leading text provides both a thorough overview of the basic elements of music and a clear sequence of instructional steps that allows readers to participate in the same learning process they will later use as teachers.

Hallmark features of the text include: the nine National Standards cued to each teaching strategy, information on the most current thinking in music education, a balanced representation of songs, and Specialized Areas addressed with clarity and comprehensiveness. Packaged with an audio CD for use with the lessons, the text continues to be written in such a way that, once students leave the college classroom, they can easily use the text package as a resource handbook with their own students, without continued music specialist assistance and.


  • Unique step-by-step instructional strategies, enhanced by carefully designed visuals, teach music fundamentals to prospective teachers through the same process they will use with their own students.
  • An audio CD in every text includes many of the songs included in the text as well as listening selections illustrating various music principles.
  • End-of-chapter Cooperative Learning Activities provide a simple, authentic assessment of student understanding and growth.

New to this Edition

  • NEW! Expanded ideas on integrating music across the curriculum will enhance students’ knowledge of language arts, social studies, math, and science and strengthen the understanding of musical concepts.
    • NEW! Special icons featured across the text and representing particular curricular areas (language arts, math, science, and social studies) will facilitate strong cross-curricular connections to music education and make it easier for users of this text to know when these cross-curricular ideas are being emphasized.
  • NEW! References to the National Standards for Arts Education, with direct applications to the music curriculum, further exemplifies the strength of content in the text and ability to ease of transition of this knowledge to classroom practice.
  • NEW! Inspirational accompaniment tracks for selected songs found throughout the text now feature voices of children.
  • NEW! Includes additional easy-to-follow listening maps to enhance an appreciation of a variety of musical styles.
  • NEW! Activities on beginning drumming, guidelines on maintaining vocal health, and more exciting multicultural and patriotic folk songs, rhymes, and movement activities are feature throughout the text.
  • NEW! Additional tools and suggestions for the assessment of students on musical concepts learned.

Table of Contents





Section I: Teaching the Elements of Music to Children

Chapter 1: Music and the Child

Chapter 2: Teaching Rhythm to Children

Chapter 3: Teaching Melody to Children

Chapter 4: Teaching Timbre to Children

Chapter 5: Teaching Expressive Elements to Children

Chapter 6: Teaching Form to Children

Chapter 7: Teaching Texture to Children

Chapter 8: Teaching Harmony to Children


Section II: Developing Musical Skills

Chapter 9: The Singing Voice

Chapter 10: Playing Musical Instruments

Chapter 11: Listening Activities and Materials

Chapter 12: Movement and Children


Section III: Organizing Musical Experiences

Chapter 13: Lesson Planning

Chapter 14: Integrating Music with Other Subjects



Audio CD

Listing of Recorded Selections


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