Electric Motor Drives: Modeling, Analysis, and Control

Prentice Hall
R. Krishnan  
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February 2001
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Electric Motor Drives: Modeling, Analysis, and Control
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For introductory (senior) level and graduate level courses in electric drives/power electronics.

The book develops a systematic approach to motor drives. While the emphasis is on practice; extensive modeling, simulation and analysis is developed to assist readers in their understanding of the subject matter from fundamental principles. Also, each motor drive is illustrated with an industrial application in detail at the end of chapters to enable readers to relate theory to practice.



  • Prior knowledge of electrical machines, power converters and linear control systems-Required for optimum text usage.
  • System level analysis, design and integration of the motor drives addressed.
  • Modeling and analysis of electrical machines and drive systems-Derived from first principles, while control algorithms are developed and their implementations with simulation results given whenever appropriate.
  • Chapters include Discussion Questions and Exercise Problems, along with detailed introductions.

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Most chapters begin with an Introduction and conclude with either Suggested Readings or References, Discussion Questions and Exercise Problems.)

1. Introduction.

Power Devices. Motor Drive. Scope of the Book.

2. Modeling of DC Machines.

Theory of Operation. Induced Emf. Equivalent Circuit & Electromagnetic Torque. Electromechanical Modeling. State Space Modeling. Block Diagram & Transfer Functions. Field Excitation. Measurement of Motor Constants. Flow Chart for Computation.

3. Phase Controlled DC Motor Drives.

Principles of Dc Motor Drives. Phase Controlled Converters. Steady State Analysis of the Three Phase Converter Controlled Dc Motor Drive. Two Quadrant Three Phase Converter Controlled Dc Motor Drive. Transfer Functions of the Subsystems. Design of Controllers. Two Quadrant Dc Motor Drive with Field Weakening. Four Quadrant Dc Motor Drive. Converter Selection and Characteristics. Simulation of the One-Quadrant Dc Motor Drive. Harmonics & Associated Problems. Sixth Harmonic Torque. Application Considerations. Applications. Parameter Sensitivity. Research Status.

4. Chopper Controlled DC Motor Drives.

Principle of Operation of the Chopper. Four Quadrant Chopper Circuit. Chopper for Inversion. Chopper with other Power Devices. Model of the Chopper. Input to the Chopper. Other Chopper Circuits. Steady State Analysis of Chopper Controlled Dc Motor Drive. Rating of the Devices Pulsating Torques. Closed Loop Operation. Dynamic Simulation of the Speed Controlled Dc Motor Drive. Application.

5. Polyphase Induction Machines.

Construction and Principle of Operation. Induction Motor Equivalent Circuit. Steady State Performance Equations of the Induction Motor. Steady State Performance. Measurements of Motor Parameters. Dynamic Modeling of Induction Machines. Dynamics Simulation. Small-Signal Equations of the Induction Machine. Evaluation of Control Characteristics. Space Phasor Model. Control Principle of the Induction Motor.

6. Phase Controlled Induction Motor Drives.

Stator Voltage Control. Slip Energy Recovery Scheme.

7. Frequency Controlled Induction Motor Drives.

Static Frequency Changers. Voltage Source Inverter. Voltage Source Inverter Driven Induction Motor. Current Source Induction Motor Drives. Applications.

8. Vector Controlled Induction Motor-Drives.

Principle of Vector Control. Direct Vector Control. Derivation of Indirect Vector Control Scheme. Indirect Vector Control Scheme. An Implementation of Indirect Vector Control Scheme. Tuning of the Vector Controller. Flowchart of Dynamic Computation. Dynamic Simulation Results. Parameter Sensitivity of the Indirect Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive. Parameter Sensitivity Compensation. Flux Weakening Operation. Speed Controlled Design of an Indirect Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive. Performance and Applications. Research Status.

9. Permanent Magnet Synchronous and Brushless DC Motor Drives.

Vector Control of PM Synchronous Motor (PMSM). Control Strategies. Flux Weakening Operation. Speed Controller Design. Sensorless Control. Parameter Sensitivity. PM Brushless DC Motor (PMDBCM).

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Electric Motor Drives is a comprehensive book for seniors, graduates, and practicing engineers. Designed to motivate students and professional engineers alike, the book emphasizes a systematic approach to motor drives based on physical insight and practical implementation aspects. DC and AC drives share the same pedagogical framework throughout. Present day practice as well as recent research and development are covered.

  • System equations are derived from first principles based on a physical understanding of the machine. It is therefore distinct from other books in that it does not rely on the reader's memory.
  • Each of the motor drives is illustrated with an industrial application in detail at the end of chapters to enable readers to relate theory to practice.
  • Current and speed controller designs have been standardized throughout the book to emphasize the commonality of the drive design.
  • Interrelationships between subsystems and the performance of the integrated system are derived and illustrated with a large number of simulation results.
  • Readers can check the validity of their simulation software by correlating their findings with the simulation results given in the book.
  • Basic concepts are illustrated with numerous analysis and design examples.
  • Each chapter contains discussion questions to reinforce the reader's understanding, and to help them probe advanced topics independently with the help of references.