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September 2000
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MathXL® is a powerful online homework, tutorial, and assessment system that accompanies Pearson's textbooks in Mathematics and Statistics.


With MathXL, instructors can create, edit, and assign online homework and tests using algorithmically generated exercises correlated at the objective level to the textbook. They can also create and assign their own online exercises for added flexibility. All student work is tracked in MathXL’s online grade book.


Students can take chapter tests in MathXL and receive personalized study plans based on their test results. The study plan diagnoses weaknesses and links students directly to tutorial exercises for the objectives they need to study and retest. Students can also access supplemental learning aids, such as animations and video clips, directly from selected exercises.


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  • A powerful Homework Manager      MathXL ®'s Homework Manager lets instructors create and manage online homework assignments. You can create Homework assignments by previewing and adding exercises from an online test bank. You can also import homework assignments from another course. Homework assignments are automatically graded, giving your students immediate feedback, and saving you time. Homework exercises include guided solutions and step-by-step examples to help students understand and master mathematical concepts.
  • Flexible assessment system - Using the Test Manager   MathXL's Test Manager lets instructors create and manage online math tests. Pre-built into each course are sample tests for each chapter of your book. You can preview these tests, copy them, and assign them to your students. Or you can create your own tests by choosing items from an online test bank. Instructors can also upload TestGen tests created using the TestGen ® application. You can assign a start and end date to tests, include a password, set a time limit, and allow students the ability to review after the test is finished.
  • Custom exercise builder    The MathXL Exercise Builder (MEB) is a powerful tool that allows instructors to create both static and algorithmic online exercises for a wide variety of topics. A library of sample exercises provides an easy starting point for creating questions, and instructors can also create questions from scratch. Exercises can include elements such as number lines, graphs, and pie charts, and you can also create custom feedback messages that appear when students enter correct and incorrect answers. Once you've created your custom exercises, you can assign them in homework and tests for courses using the MathXL Player.
  • Comprehensive Gradebook Tracking     MathXL's Gradebook lets instructors view test, homework, and tutorial scores and averages for the whole class and for individual students. You can view this information in a variety of ways. You can view results in these areas by test, homework, or section, respectively, or you can view results in any of these areas by student. You can also view an overview of how your class is performing in all three areas. For each student, you can also view the amount of time spent in each online tutorial. All MathXL grades can be exported to a spreadsheet-style program, such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Self-paced tutorial practice for students - Using the Study Plan     MathXL creates personalized Study Plans for each student based on their test results. Tutorials, accessed in the Study Plan, offer unlimited (algorithmically generated) practice exercises correlated directly to the exercises in their textbook. The study plan diagnoses weaknesses and links students to the areas they need to study and retest. Students can work unlimited practice exercises and receive tutorial instruction for areas in which they need improvement.
  • Guided Mathematical Instruction    In MathXL, course material is organized and tracked by objective as well as by chapter and section. This means that instructors can create homework assignments and tests that cover material for specific objectives. The Study Plan can also measure student mastery and offer assistance at the objective level. In addition, the MathXL Player offers guided solutions and step-by-step examples correlated at the exercise-level. The MathXL Player also offers an easy-to-use palette for mathematical notation. The new math palette makes it easy for students to enter math notation in their answers. The palette is 'smart,' meaning that it displays only those symbol templates that are appropriate for the level of math in the exercise including a few distractors.
  • Multimedia Learning Aids     In courses that use the MathXL Player, selected tutorial and homework exercises link directly to multimedia resources, such as videos and animations, that are associated with the exercises. For example, a tutorial exercise may have a video clip of an instructor giving a portion of a lecture, or there may be an animation that helps demonstrate a concept. From any homework or practice exercise, students can link to the online pages of the textbook for the section they're working in.
  • Course Customization     MathXL's Course Manager lets instructors create and customize courses. The Course Manager page lists your name and the name of your school, and lets you create and customize courses, install plug-ins and players required for your courses, edit your course information, and copy and delete courses.

Reader Review(s)

See what instructors are saying...

“My students have a much better learning experience when they complete their homework in MathXL. They receive the support they need from the same problems and guided solutions. The homework average for my class increased from 80% to 98% when students used MathXL. The average test grades increased from 82% to 95% when I began requiring that all students complete MathXL homework assignments.”

Sharon Testone, Onondaga Community College (NY)


“Thanks so much for your help! I really like MathXL-this is the first semester I have used it and the results have been fantastic. For the first time in my 15-year teaching experience, students are coming to class prepared! It is joy to teach again. The program is very user-friendly too.”

Darla Ottman, Elizabethtown Community and Technical College (KY)


“Since I first began requiring online homework using MathXL in my college algebra class in the summer of 2005, I have seen a tremendous improvement in student success. Passing rates have gone up around 10%, test averages have increased 9%, and the number of students earning an A in the course has gone up an astounding 25%! This is a strong indication that the students are learning the material more thoroughly than they did by simply doing homework out of the book.

As an added bonus, the students feel more involved in the course and responsible for their own learning. Thus, my withdrawal rates have decreased by 10-15%.

I am so thrilled to have finally found a way to require my students to do homework in a way that keeps them engaged, forces them to truly learn and understand the material, and also saves me the headache of grading paper-and-pencil homework assignments!”

Brooke Quinlan, Hillsborough Community College (FL)


“The homework system in MathXL is a fantastic way to facilitate student engagement with the course material in a classroom. I have noticed a distinct improvement in my students overall performance on their written exams. The key to success for math students is practice practice practice, and MathXL provides that opportunity through algorithmically generated problems with excellent videos, animations, and textbook references.”

Jim Voss, Front Range Community College (CO)


“My students have only good things to say about MathXL. They can get immediate feedback and help, which enhances their feelings of success. It's not a panacea, but I've really enjoyed using MathXL in my classes. I no longer dread assigning homework for credit, because I don't have to face those big stacks of papers!”

Nicole Lang, North Hennepin Community College (MN)


“There is no comparison between Pearson training and support and the competition! When I call or email for help-whether from my rep or from the MathXL faculty support line-I always get the help I need. I have never had an experience of not hearing back from someone.  I have seen that students who really take advantage of what MathXL has to offer are the ones who do better at test time!”

Janet Macaluso, Eastern New Mexico University, Roswell Campus (NM)


What students are saying about MathXL...

“I want to make sure that my next math teacher uses MathXL."

Hillsborough Community College (FL)


“I was able to work at my own pace. I didn't feel like I was pressured to keep up with anyone, and I didn't feel like I was being held back by anyone.”

Northern Virginia Community College (VA)


“This has pretty much been the only thing ever to help me grasp concepts in math and I hope that you keep it for future semesters."

University of Missouri-Columbia (MO)


“I enjoyed the ability to work at my own pace as well as having so much extra information available to me. Many different sources available made feel like this course was designed for success."

Boise State University (ID)