Hospitality Management Internship

Prentice Hall
Kimberly J. Harris  
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February 2005
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For Internship/Externship courses in Hospitality departments.

This workbook tool, designed to be used before, during, and after the internship experience, was developed to assist both the student and the Intern Coordinator in planning and managing the internship experience. Students can select segments from the wide variety of rotational segments offered, assemble them in the binder provided, and arrive on property with all of the forms and guidelines needed for a successful internship. Intern Coordinators are also supplied with forms and information needed to establish an intern program. Students who use this tool to its full potential will develop an experiential portfolio, complete with evaluations that can serve as reference support as students interview for entry level management positions.


Necessary forms are provided-Including evaluation forms for the hosting property supervisors, exit interview forms, and an internship contract.

~Supplies students, Intern Coordinators, and hosting properties with all the necessary paperwork they will need for a successful internship program.

Instructor's Guide.

~Helps instructors fully prepare interns.

PowerPoint Slides-For training purposes.

~Aid students' learning by presenting a visual representation of the material covered.

Tips for finding high quality internships.

~Help students find the most appropriate and well-suited program for themselves.

Fully customizable binder portfolio-This workbook tool is a “work in progress”-one which students will have to work through and add to in order to reap the ultimate benefits.

~Gives students the opportunity to be creative by being responsible for personalizing their own binders.

Table of Contents


Internship Preparation Materials for the Intern Coordinator.

Internship Approval Form. Intern Materials-Due Schedule. Example Resume. Example Reference Letters. Written Communication with Hosting Properties. Internship Kick-Off Sign-In Form. Internship Kick-Off Slides. Internship Brochure. Course Syllabus.

Internship Preparation Materials for the Prospective Intern.

What to Do When You First Arrive. Information You Should Get in Writing Upon Your Arrival. Internship Site Selection Criteria.

Internship Contract.

Example Job Description.

Tabs Included for Materials to Be Inserted.

History of Property. Property Contact Information. Property Listings. Property Layout. Policies and Procedures. Property Brochure(s). Orientation Materials. Terms of Importance. Forms I Signed. Paycheck Stubs. Rotation Schedule. General Materials. Training Materials. Comment Cards. Intern Housing Information/Apartment Contract. Temporary Address. Photos.

My Intern Project.

Departmental Rotations.

Front Desk. PBX. Reservations. Bell Stand. Night Audit. Food and Beverage. Housekeeping. Grounds and Maintenance. Golf Management. Revenue Management. Senior Services. Resort and Condominium Management. Association Management. Club Management. Recreation Management. Safety and Security.

Exit Interview.

Additional Evaluation Forms.

Additional Daily Logs.