Foundations of Lodging Management

David K. Hayes / Jack D. Ninemeier / Allisha A. Miller  
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November 2013
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Foundations of Lodging Management
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For junior college or undergraduate courses in hotel management, lodging operations, and hospitality.

Written in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand style, Foundations of Lodging Management, explores how the lodging industry and the hotels in the industry operate. With coverage of both small and large hotels, it addresses each department, including the front office, sales and marketing, housekeeping, maintenance and more! This edition features more on green initiatives, expanded discussion of revenue optimisation, and an updated Front Office Simulation that helps students learn how to manage a hotel’s front office and better understand the complexity of the entire property.


Covers small hotels, not just larger ones.

  • Addresses smaller, limited-service, franchised hotels and their challenges such as multi-tasking between housekeeping, front office, or sales and marketing departments and understanding the entire hotel and how its departments are interconnected.

Identifies and defines lodging language.

  • Defines jargon within the chapter and includes an extensive glossary of over 400 lodging-industry-specific definitions that readers can quickly find and review.

Includes All in a Day’s Work vignettes that are now numbered for easy identification.

  • Poses true-to-life lodging problems as well as possible solutions.
  • Develops decision-making skills and prompts class discussion.

Provides extensive Discussion Questions and Team Activities for each chapter.

  • Gives instructor’s ready-made homework problems and a variety of assignment activities.

New to this Edition

New! Updated throughout including new information on:

  • Green initiatives in lodging
  • Changing role of online travel agents (OTAs)
  • Explosive impact of social networking on hotel room sales
  • The newest legislation regarding employee selection and retention
  • Updated financial and statistical data
  • UpdatedLodging On-line website links
  • Expanded discussion of revenue optimization, rooms pricing and inventory management
  • Impact of 2008-2010 recession on the lodging industry
  • Addition of critical food safety temperatures

New! Expanded author team–includes Allisha A. Miller, the co-author of Pearson Education's Front Office Management Simulation online training program.

  • Provides additional perspective from leading educators in the field.

New! Chapter 15: The Front Office Management Simulation–appears in this edition.

  • Provides an in-text user’s manual for the book’s accompanying online training tool.

New! Lodging Goes Green feature–appears in this edition.

  • Addresses the lodging industry’s environmentally friendly business practices.
  • Explores how lodging managers are addressing an area of concern for their businesses and their guests.

Table of Contents

1.    Introduction to the Lodging Industry

2.    The Structure of the lodging Industry

3.    Guest Service in the Lodging Industry

4.    Managing Lodging Operations

5.    Staffing the Lodging Operation

6.    The Front Office Department

7.    The Sales and Marketing Department

8.    The Housekeeping Department

9.    The Maintenance Department

10.  Food and Beverage Operations: Limited Service Hotels

11.  Food and Beverage Operations: Full-Service Hotels

12.  The Accounting Department

13.  Safety and Security

14.  Careers in the Lodging Industry

15.  The Front Office Management Simulation

I.    Front Office Management Training Challenges

II.   The Front Office Management Simulation (FOMS)

III.  Revenue Management Lessons

IV. Reservation Management Lessons

V. Guest Stay Information Lessons

VI. Guest Departure and Payment

VII. Accounting and Financial Summaries

VIII. FOMS Completion