Automotive Chassis Systems: Pearson New International Edition

James D. Halderman  
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November 2013
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Automotive Chassis Systems: Pearson New International Edition
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For courses in Automotive Steering, Suspension, and Brakes; Automotive Chassis Systems; and Undervehicle (Under-Car) Service Workshops.



Automotive Chassis System, 6e is organized around the ASE automobile test content area for Brakes (A5) and Suspension and Steering (A4). Featuring complete coverage of parts, operation, design, and troubleshooting techniques, it correlates material to task lists specified by ASE and NATEF and emphasizes a diagnostic approach throughout. Chapter features include Tech Tips, Diagnostic Stories, High-Performance Tips, Frequently Asked Questions and more.


Hallmark Features



ASE and NATEF Correlated—throughout the material.

  • Links material to task lists as specified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

Diagnostic Approach—satisfies the need for problem diagnosis.

  • Emphasizes how to tackle real problems and develop crucial trouble-shooting skills.
  • Covers all the parts involved, describes their purpose/function/operation and addresses how to test and diagnose each system.

Internet Testing Component—includes access to an ASE test preparation website.

  • Builds student confidence by giving them a chance to take ASE certification practice tests.
  • Includes ASE-type questions for Brakes (A5) and Suspension and Steering (A4).
  • Presents questions 10 at a time, grades answers and then supplies correct answers.

Accompanying worktext—helps students apply the material to typical service and testing procedures.

  • Includes worksheets that are correlated to the NATEF task list.
  • Builds students’ diagnostic and testing skills.

Chapter features that increase understanding—such as:

  • Learning Objectives
  • Tech Tips
  • Diagnostic Stories
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • High-Performance Tips
  • Safety Tips
  • Review Questions
  • ASE Certification-Type Questions

New to this Edition

The sixth edition of Automotive Chassis Systems was updated and expanded due to meet the following needs:


1. To meet the latest NATEF tasks requirements for MLR, AST and MAST

2. To improve the readability of the text to improve student learning

3. To improve teaching of these complex topics


To meet these requirements, the author has included the following changes to the new edition:


1. All content is correlated to 100% of the NATEF tasks for the Automotive Brake Systems (A5) content area for MLR, AST and MAST.

2. Full Color throughout to help bring the subject alive and make learning easier.

3. Content updated throughout.

4. New content includes:

  • Expanded coverage of electronic brake proportioning  (Chapter 6)
  • Expanded coverage on brake line bending and flaring(Chapter 7)
  • New information on the Brake Effectiveness Evaluation Procedure (BEEP) used by aftermarket brake manufacturers. (Chapter 12)
  • New content on carbon-ceramic brake rotors (Chapter 14)
  • Updated content on electronic stability control (ESC) systems (Chapter 19)
  • Updated tire build code information  (Chapter 20)
  • New information on high performance urethane bushings(Chapter 23)
  • Additional content on lateral acceleration sensors (Chapter 26)
  • Updated content on electric power steering (EPS) systems (Chapter 29)
  • Additional content on aftermarket alignment kits (Chapter 33)

5. Over 80 new color photographs and line drawings help students understand the content material and bring the subject alive.

6. Each technical topic is discussed in one place or chapter.  Unlike other textbooks, this book is written so that the theory, construction, diagnosis, and service of a particular component or system is presented in one location. There is no need to search through the entire book for other references to the same topic.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Service Information, Tools, and Safety

Chapter 2 Environmental and Hazardous Materials

Chapter 3 Braking System Components and Performance Standards

Chapter 4 Braking System Principles

Chapter 5 Brake Hydraulic Systems

Chapter 6 Hydraulic Valves and Switches

Chapter 7 Brake Fluid and Lines

Chapter 8 Brake Bleeding

Chapter 9 Wheel Bearings and Service

Chapter 10 Drum Brakes

Chapter 11 Drum Brakes Diagnosis and Service

Chapter 12 Disc Brakes

Chapter 13 Disc Brakes Diagnosis and Service

Chapter 14 Parking Brake System

Chapter 15 Machining Brake Drums and Rotors

Chapter 16 Power Brake Systems

Chapter 17 Regenerative Braking Systems

Chapter 18 ABS Components and Operation

Chapter 19 ABS Diagnosis and Service

Chapter 20 Electronic Stability Control Systems

Chapter 21 Tires and Wheels

Chapter 22 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Chapter 23 Tire and Wheel Service

Chapter 24 Suspension System Components and Operation

Chapter 25 Front Suspension and Service

Chapter 26 Rear Suspension and Service

Chapter 27 Electronic Suspension Systems

Chapter 28 Steering Columns and Gears

Chapter 29 Steering Linkage and Service

Chapter 30 Power-Assisted Steering Operation and Service

Chapter 31 Drive Axle Shafts and CV Joints

Chapter 32 Drive Axle Shafts and CV Joint Service

Chapter 33 Wheel Alignment Principles

Chapter 34 Alignment Diagnosis and Service