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From Longman's Cultural Editions series, Persuasion, edited by William Galperin, presents Jane Austen's classic work along with a critical introduction and contextual materials on and from the period.  Published posthumously in 1817 along with the much earlier Northanger Abbey, the novel contains a number of elements that proved puzzling to Austen's nineteenth-centruy readers.  The supplementary materials to this Longman Cultural Edition are intended to collabroate with Persuasion in addressing and exploring these interlocking worlds:  moral, aesthetic, domestic, political, social, and military.   


Handsomely produced and affordably priced, the Longman Cultural Editions series presents classic works in provocative and illuminating contexts–cultural, critical, and literary. Each Cultural Edition consists of the complete text of an important literary work, reliably edited, headed by an inviting introduction, and supplemented by helpful annotations; a table of dates to track its composition, publication, and public reception in relation to biographical, cultural and historical events; and a guide for further inquiry and study.


One Longman Cultural Edition can be packaged at no additional cost with any volume of The Longman Anthology of British Literature by Damrosch et al, or at a discount with any other Longman textbook.


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  • In addition to the biographical notice in Persuasion by Austen's brother, Henry, this edition features the two most incisive pieces of literary criticism on Austen written in her lifetime:  the reviews of Emma in The Champion and in the Quarterly Review (the latter by Walter Scott, then England's most popular novelist).
  • Contains sectons from the most important reviews of Persuasion that helped shape the way Austen was read and understood throughout the nineteenth century.
  • Included in this edition's 'contexts' section is the original ending concerned primarily with a happy close that can be contrasted with the final ending, one that continues the debate on men and women and their respective differences.
  • Contains several of Austen's letter along with a detailed coronology of her life and works in conjunction with important contemporaneous political and cultural events. 

Table of Contents

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About Longman Cultural Editions About This EditionIntroduction


Table of Dates

Jane Austen Biography


Volume I

Volume II

Original Ending


Biographical Notice of the Author by Henry Austen

Jane Austen's Letters to Her Sister, Cassandra

Money From the 1790s to the Regency

On Women and Men

Thomas Gisborne, from An Enquiry Into the Duties of the Female Sex

Thomas Gisborne, from An Enquiry Into the Duties of Men in the Higher

and Middle Classes of Society in Great Britian

Lord Byron, from Don Juan, Canto I

Lord Byron, from The Giaour

The Novel and Romance

Frances Burney, Preface to Evelina

Clara Reeve, from The Progress of Romance

Jane Austen, from Northanger Abbey

Reviews and Other Ninteenth-Century Responses

From the Quarterly Review (Walter Scott) and The Champion on Emma

Contemporary Reviews of Persuasion

Anonymous Reviewer, from The British Critic

Anonymous Reviewer, from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

Richard Whatley, from the Quarterly Review

Later Responses

Anonymous Reviewer, from the Retrospective Review

Julie Kavanagh, from English Women of Letters

Further Reading

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Jane Austen
A Longman Cultural Edition

Editor: William Galperin Series Editor: Susan J. Wolfson

Affordably priced, Longman Cultural Editions present classic works in provocative and illuminating contexts–cultural, critical, and literary. Each Longman Cultural Edition consists of the complete text of a key literary work, supplemented by helpful annotations and followed by contextual materials that reveal the conversations and controversies of its historical moment.

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William Galperin is Professor of English at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, where he has taught since 1983, specializing in literature of the British Romantic period. He is the author of three books: Revision and Authority in Wordsworth: The Interpretation of a Career (1989), The Return of the Visible in British Romanticism (1994) and, most recently, The Historical Austen (2003; paperback, 2005), in addition to numerous essays many of them on Jane Austen. He directed Rutgers’ Center for Cultural Analysis in 2007-08.