Wuthering Heights, A Longman Cultural Edition

Emily Bronte / Alison Booth  
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January 2008
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Wuthering Heights, A Longman Cultural Edition
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From Longman's Cultural Editions series, Wuthering Heights, edited by Alison Booth, presents Emily Bronte's haunting, brilliant novel freshly edited, smartly annotated, and illuminated by various contexts.


Handsomely produced and affordably priced, the Longman Cultural Editions series presents classic works in provocative and illuminating contexts-cultural, critical, and literary. Each Cultural Edition consists of the complete text of an important literary work, reliably edited, headed by an inviting introduction, and supplemented by helpful annotations; a table of dates to track its composition, publication, and public reception in relation to biographical, cultural and historical events; and a guide for further inquiry and study.


The following Longman Cultural Editions are available now: Beowulf; Emma; Persuasion; Hamlet, 2/e; Othello and the Tragedy of Mariam; Pride and Prejudice; Frankenstein, 2/e; Hard Times; Northanger Abbey; King Lear; The Merchant of Venice; Heart of Darkness, The Man Who Would Be King, and Other Works on Empire; John Keats; Antony and Cleopatra; The Castle of Otranto and the Man of Feeling; The Picture of Dorian Gray; A Vindication of the Rights of Woman and the Wrongs of Woman, or Maria; and Henry IV, Parts I & II.


New titles include Dorothy Wordsworth and Jekyll and Hyde, The Secret Sharer, and Transformation:  Three Tales of Doubles. 


One Longman Cultural Edition can be packaged at no additional cost with The Longman Anthology of British Literature by Damrosch, Dettmar, et al. and Masters of British Literature, or at a discount with any other Longman textbook.



  • The text is enriched by poems, diaries, and memoirs, from Brontë to Virginia Woolf. 
  • This illustrated edition is unique in locating Wuthering Heights in its region as well as period, while it follows every phase of the Brontë renown, from tourism to adaptations, from early reviews to recent critical trends.  
  • Alison's Booth's extraordinary edition will fascinate students of the Brontës, the novel, female literature, the gothic, and the fraught conflicts of Victorian literary imagination.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations


    Top Withins

    High Sunderland

    "Gun Portrait" from Marion Harland


    Several illustrations from Bronte Society Transactions:

        Main Street, Haworth

        Haworth Old Church

        The Birthplace of the Bronte Sisters, Thornton

        The Black Bull

        Branwell Bronte's Chair

        The Waterfall on the Moor

        Haworth Parsonage

        Emily Bronte, drawing of Keeper

    Haworth Parsonage


    Facscimile Title Page of First Edition


About This Edition






Text of Wuthering Heights






        Emily and Anne Bronte, "Diary Note"

        Charlotte Bronte, "Biographical Notice of Ellis and Acton Bell"

               "Editor's Preface"

        Ellen Nussey on Emily

        Elizabeth Gaskell, The Life Of Charlotte Bronte on Emily

        Emily Bronte, Poems


    Historical, Social, and Legal  

        Inheritance, Law, and Women

            From Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon, A Brief Summary, in Plain Language, of the Most Important

            LawConcerning Women (London: Chapman, 1854) 

        Class, Urban Culture, and Mobility

            Urban Slums and Street Children


        Houses, Home Decor, and Consumer Goods

            From Charles Eastlake, Hints on Household Taste

            From John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice


    Regional and International


            Family History

                William Wright, The Brontes In Ireland

            The Great Hunger



            From Richard Blakesborough, Wit, Character, Folklore & Customs of the Nortern Riding of Yorkshire, 1898


            Literacy: Summary and Quotation from J. Paul Hunter, Before Novels

        Haworth and Vicinity

            Original Locations

            Memoirs and Pilgrimages

                C. Holmes Cautley, "Old Haworth Folk Who Knew the Brontes," 1910

                Virginia Woolf, from "Haworth, November 1904"

                Sylvia Plath

                Muriel Spark

            The Bronte Society and Parsonage Museum

                From Claude Meeker, "Haworth: Home of the Brontes," 1895


    Critical and Artful


            Early Criticism

            Sequels, Adaptations, Films


Further Reading

            Web materials

Back Cover

Emily Brontë
Wuthering Heights

A Longman Cultural Edition

Editor: Alison Booth
Series Editor: Susan J. Wolfson

Affordably priced, Longman Cultural Editions present classic works in provocative and illuminating contexts-cultural, critical, and literary. Each Longman Cultural Edition consists of the complete text of a key literary work, supplemented by helpful annotations and followed by contextual materials that reveal the conversations and controversies of its historical moment.

One Longman Cultural Edition is available at no additional cost when packaged with The Longman Anthology of British Literature, Third Edition, and Masters of British Literature, Volumes A and B. Contact your local sales representative for packaging information. You may locate your sales representative at www.ablongman.com/replocator.

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Alison Booth, Professor of English at the University of Virginia with a Ph.D. from Princeton (1986), specializes in Victorian studies, the novel, and women writers, while her teaching and research also range broadly--across the Atlantic and up to contemporary cultural studies--to encompass narrative theory, biography and autobiography, and celebrity.  Her numerous articles and essays have appeared in distinguished journals and collections.  She is the author of two acclaimed critical books: the prize-winning How to Make It as a Woman: Collective Biographical History from Victoria to the Present (2004),  and Greatness Engendered: George Eliot and Virginia Woolf (1992), and co-editor of the Norton Introduction to Literature (now in its ninth edition). Her current research, reflected in the Longman Cultural Edition of WutheringHeights, involves the popular genre of "homes and haunts" of famous people, literary tourism, and the character of famous writers' houses.