Worlds in Our Words

Marilyn Kallet / Patricia Clark  
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October 1996
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Worlds in Our Words
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Appropriate for undergraduate courses in Women's Literature, American Literature, Women in American Literature, Contemporary American Literature.

Encompassing several genres of literary composition, this thematically arranged, multicultural anthology provides an integrated curriculum of contemporary American women writers from diverse backgrounds whose works have come into prominence in the last several decades.


  • Organizes material into eight thematic sections, focusing on language, family, histories, transformation, work, love, music/spirituality,and happiness. Pg.___
  • Includes a variety of genres in each section - fiction, memoirs, essays, poetry, drama - moving from one to another with a sense of discovery. Pg.___
  • Spans eight decades, with readings from Margaret Walker (1915) to the present day. Pg.___
  • Juxtaposes the works of emerging writers with those of American classics. Pg.___
  • Presents an original interview at the end of each section with a distinguished author, giving students personal insights into the author's work and life. Pg.___
  • Provides clearly and concisely written introductions for each section. Pg.___
  • Includes brief biographies for each author. Pg.___
  • Contains contextual head notes for each reading. Pg.___
  • Comes with a practical instructor's manual featuring sample syllabi and alternative organizational models. Pg.___

Table of Contents


Walker, Alice - Everyday Use. Eidus, Janice - Robins's Nest. Silko, Leslie Marmon - Lullaby. Cofer, Judith Ortiz -Tales Told Under the Mango Tree. Lorde, Audre - Poetry is Not a Luxury. Norris, Kathleen - A Starfish in Mott. Marshall, Paule -From the Poets in the Kitchen. Medley, Cassandra - Waking Women. Silko, Leslie Marmon - untitled, Prologue to Ceremony. Cervantes, Lorna Dee - Refugee Ship. Chin, Marilyn - First Lessons. Cofer, Judith Ortiz - The Latin Deli. Harjo, Joy - For Alva Benson, And For Those Who Have Learned to Speak. Lorde, Audre - A Litany for Survival. Majaj, Lisa Suhair - Recognized Futures. Nye, Naomi Shihab - Adi os. Walker, Margaret - I Want to Write. Interview: Cofer, Judith Ortiz -The Art of Not Forgetting.


Glück, Tereze - Yellow Light. Hood, Mary - How Far She Went. Marshall, Paule - To Da-duh, In Memoriam. Walker, Pamela - Good Shabbos. Harjo, Joy - Family Album. Kingston, Maxine Hong - No Name Woman from Woman Warrior. Mora, Pat - A Walk with My Father. Sanchez, Sonya - Dear Mama. Wasserstein, Wendy - Tender Offer. Clifton, Lucille - Daughters. Dericotte, Toi - Touching, Not Touching: My Mother. Gallagher, Tess - Each Bird Walking. Hogan, Linda - Germinal, and Elk Song. Olds, Sharon - The Race, and Bathing the Newborn. Pratt, Minnie Bruce - Down the Little Cahaba. Ratner, Rochelle - Bentshen Light. Song, Cathy - Pic ture Bride. Voigt, Ellen Bryant - Visiting the Graves.Interview: Hogan, Linda - Imagining a Wider Community.


Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth - A Visit from Reverend Tileston. Niederman, Sharon - A Gift for Languages. Olsen, Tillie - O Yes. Morrison, Toni - The birth of Denver, excerpt from Beloved. Ozick, Cynthia - The Shawl . Ling, Amy - Whose America Is It?. Rich, Adrienne - History Stops for No One. Tapahonso, Luci - Preface: The Kaw River Rushes Westward. Momoko Iko - Gold Watch. Clifton, Lucille - them and us. Clark, Patricia - Bill of Sale D. Derricote, Toi - A Note on My Son's Face. Dove, Rita - Crab Boil. Klepfitz, Irena - Warsaw, 1983: Umschlagplatz, and 1. Poland: My mother is walking down a road from Bashert. McElroy, Colleen J. - For My Children D. Mirikitani, Janice - Prisons of Silence. Mora, Pat - La Migra. Pastan, Linda - Family Tree. Rose, Wendy - I Expected My Skin and My Blood to Ripen. Thomas, Joyce Carol - Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea. Tapahonso, Luci - Sháá Akó Dahjiníteh: Remember the Things They Told Us.Interview: McElroy, Colleen J. - Against a Bondage of Color.


Paley, Grace - A Conversation With My Father. Stephens, Mariflo - Waltzing into Heaven. Winslow, Joyce Madelon - Born Again. Joy, Eileen - Emma. Wolf, Naomi - Hunger. Dinnerstein, Barbara Noreen - Bubbie, Mommy, Weight Watchers and Me. Raz, Hilda - Junk. Watanabe, Sylvia - Where People Know Me. Drexler, Rosalyn - 17C. Allen, Paula Gunn - Weed. Clark, Patricia - Betrayal. Byer, Kathryn Stripling - Dusk. Gallagher, Tess - Red Poppy. Gluck, Louise - The Undertaking. Harjo, Joy - For Anna Mae Pictou Aquash Whose Spirit is Here and in the Dappled Stars. Hogan, Linda - Geodes. Keener, LuAnn - Hummingbirds. Levertov, Denise - A Tree Telling of Orpheus. Moss, Thylias - Tornados. Range, Melissa - Lot's Wife. Interview: Watanabe, Sylvia - Living Among Strangers.


Kincaid, Jamaica - Poor Visitor. Naylor, Gloria - from Mama Day. Olsen, Tillie - I Stand Here Ironing. Dillard, Annie - from The Writing Life Goldberg, Nathalie - Walking Between the Raindrops. Kumin, Maxine -Menial Labor and the Muse Childress, Alice - Florence. Braid, Kate - 'Girl' on the Crew. Blaumer, Laurie - The Invention of Imagination. Byer, Kathryn Stripling - Carpenter. Crooker, Barbara - The Last Woman in America to Wash Diapers. Hogan, Linda - What Has Happened to These Working Hands?. McCue, Frances - The Stenographer's Breakfast. Shomer, Enid - The Tomato Packing Plant Line. Skeen, Anita - The English Teacher, in Mid- Life. Yamanaka, Interview: Lois-Ann - Turtles. Olsen, Tillie - Working Lives.


Cooper, J. California - The Magic Strength of Need. Houston, Pam - How to Talk to a Hunter. McDonald, Jeanne - Cousins. Springer, Lisa - Between Girls. Ferris, Lucy - Love and Learn. Lamott, Anne - from Operating Instructions. Willard, Nancy - The Friendship Tarot. Neipris, Janet - The Agreement. Allen, Paula Gunn - Eve the Fox. Angelou, Maya - Known to Eve and Me. Broumas, Olga - Lullaby. Gallagher, Tess - Sea Inside the Sea. Greenberg, Barbara L. - When I Think of My Happy Ending. Hacker, Marilyn - Self. Olds, Sharon - First Night. Peacock, Molly - How I Come to You. Rich, Adrienne - XIX from Twenty-One Love Poems Jordan, June - Poem Toward the Bottom Line. Song, Cathy - The White Porch. Willard, Nancy - Angels in Winter. Interview: Willard - Finding and Gathering and Dreaming.


Thomas, Joyce Carol - Young Reverend Zelma Lee Moses. Watanabe, Sylvia - Talking with the Dead. Marcus, Adrianne - The Paincaller. Lyon, George Ella - Singing. Sarton, May - Silence is the food I was after... excerpt from Plant Dreaming Deep. Timpanelli, Gioia - There Are Times . Allen, Paula Gunn - A New Wrinkle from Grandmothersof the Light. Shange, Ntozake - Boogie Woogie Blues. Glück, Louise - Lullaby . Harjo, Joy - Healing Animal. Hogan, Linda - Drum. Kallet, Marilyn - Passover. Oliver, Mary - Mockingbirds. Piercy, Marge - Wellfleet Sabbath. Voigt, Ellen - Song and Story. Thomas, Joyce Carol - Church Poem . Tapahonso, Luci - The Motion of Songs Rising. Zimmerman, Elaine - To Essie Parrish. Interview: Harjo, Joy - In Love and War and Music.


Colwin, Laurie - Another Marvelous Thing. Gomez, Jewelle - Don't Explain. Houston, Pam - Blizzard and Blue Sky. Kincaid, Jamaica - Just Reading. Tapahonso, Luci - It Was a Special Treat. Cofer, Judith - More Room. Henley, Beth - Am I Blue? Friman, Alice - The Good News. Gallagher, Tess - Crepes Flambeau. Hampl, Patricia - The Moment. Inez, Colette - Good News! Nilda is Back. Levertov, Denise - O Taste and See. Nye, Naomi Shihab - So Much Happiness. Oliver, Mary - August. Ostriker, Alicia - Mother in Airport Parking Lot. Pastan, Linda -The Happiest Day. Sarton, May - The Work of Happiness. Thomas, Joyce Carol - Sisters. Walders, Davi - Reflections in Green Glass. Interview: Thomas, Joyce Carol - In a Long Line of Strong Women.