Food and Beverage Management

John Cousins / David Foskett / Cailein Gillespie  
Pearson Longman
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September 2001

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This second edition of the best selling textbook Food and Beverage Management has been updated and revised to take account of current trends within the hospitality industry. In particular the consideration of food and beverage (or foodservice) operations is clearly set within a broader business framework with more consideration being given to the management of foodservice operations within a changing business environment.  The underlying thinking behind much of this text relies on the application of a systems approach to the management of operations. The text therefore proposes systematic approaches to the design, planning and control of food and beverage operations, and also recognises the need to manage operations as operating systems. The book considers a food and beverage operation as comprising three distinct but interlinked systems: food production, food and beverage service as a delivery system and food and beverage service as a customer process system. The component parts of the three systems are examined, as well as the linkages between them, and how these together create a food and beverage operation.



  • Clear, user friendly and structured text based on the development of the catering cycle.
  • The text applies theory to current practice and is designed to support learning.
  • Each chapter identifies the intended learning outcomes that may be achieved and a chapter summary is also provided.
  • Fully up-to-date-coverage of the underpinning knowledge and skill requirements for NVQ(SVQ) levels 3 and 4.
  • Full listing of the intended learning outcomes is provided for mapping against the requirements of various courses.
  • Additional learning support provided on the companion web site

Table of Contents

1. Food And Beverage Operations And Management
2. Developing The Consumer-Product Relationship
3. Food Production
4. Beverage Provision
5. Operational Areas, Equipment And Staffing
6. Food And Beverage Service
7. Appraising Performance And Making Strategic Decisions
Appendix A. Learning About Food And Beverage Management.
Appendix B. Operational Calculations.
Appendix C. Product Appraisal - Audit Factor Listings.
Appendix D. Operational And Financial Ratios.
Appendix E. Budget And Trading Results Comparison And Evaluation.

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