Learning Microsoft Office 2010 Deluxe, Student Edition: Pearson New International Edition

Emergent Learning LLC / Suzanne Weixel / Faithe Wempen / Catherine Skintik  
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November 2013
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Learning Microsoft Office 2010 Deluxe, Student Edition: Pearson New International Edition
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Prepare students for Microsoft® Office 2010!Learning Microsoft® Office 2010 features a student-friendly, step-by-step format with clear, full-screen shots to engage students and help them work independently.


Learning Microsoft® Office 2010 provides hands-on exercises and applications to teach students the new features of Microsoft® Office 2010 including:

· Backstage View

· Conversation View and Quick Steps in Outlook

· Navigation Pane and Editing Features in Word

· Sparklines and Slicers in Excel

· Video Editing and Broadcast Slideshow in PowerPoint

· New Templates, Queries, and Reports in Access

The DDC Learning Series

· Contains “How To” procedures separated from the instruction to ensure that students are learning, not just doing.

· Incorporates cross-curricular exercises to teach software skills while reinforcing Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science concepts.

· Features the exclusive, Teacher’s Wraparound Edition with point-of-use notes, tips, strategies, and differentiated lesson plans.

· Includes comprehensive teacher resources tomake teaching easier and more effective.

New to this Edition

New lesson format lets students Try It, Create It, and Apply It through a sequence of projects that progress from more to less 'hand-holding' in step-by-step activities.
- New design provides projects that teach software applications while reinforcing business skills and computer literacy concepts.
- Provides more hands-on projects and applications with less reading than any other program.

Table of Contents

Deluxe Edition Learning Microsoft Office 2010


Part 1 Microsoft Office Basics

Chapter 1: Using the Common Features of Microsoft Office 2010

About Business Technology

Disuss different input technologies including speech recognition, hand-writing recognition, and keying

About Microsoft Office 2010

Discuss operating system technology

Use the Mouse

Navigate with Windows Explorer

Create a Folder

Conventions Used in This Book

Lesson 1.  

Start and Exit Microsoft Office Programs

Identify Common Screen Elements

View Application Options

Enter and Edit Text

Save a File

Print a File

Close a File

Lesson 2.  

About Commands

About the Ribbon

Use the Ribbon

Use Access Keys

Lesson 3.  

Use the Quick Access Toolbar

Use a Mini Toolbar

Use Shortcut menus

Use Dialog Box Options

Use Task Panes

Lesson 4.  

Open an Existing File and Save it with a New Name

Formatting and Viewing Pages

Formatting Text

Using the Office Clipboard

Lesson 5.  

Use Window Controls



Use Multiple Windows

Lesson 6.  

Use the Help Program

Search for Help

Use the Help Table of Contents

Recover a File

Lesson 7.  

Copy and Move Files and Folders

Compressing Files

Types of Business Documents (letters, memos, press releases, publications, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, e-mail, Web pages, reports, research papers, financial documents, etc.)

Lesson 8.  

Determine the Risks and Rewards of Developing an IT Strategy

Adjust IT Needs to Suit the Environment

Identify Needed Equipment and Supplies

Establish, Schedule, and Follow Maintenance Procedures

End of Chapter Projects


Part 2 Word

Chapter 1 Getting Started with Word 2010

Lesson 1.  

Start Word

Explore the Word Window

Show/Hide Marks

Type in a Document

Move the Insertion Point in a Document

Type in the Header or Footer

Save Changes

Preview and Print a Document

Lesson 2.  

Create a New Document

Use Click and Type

Apply a Theme

Select a Built-In Style

Close a Document

Lesson 3. Exercise 11

Open a Saved Document

Insert and Overtype Text

Change the Document View

Correct Errors

Use Undo, Redo, and Repeat

Save a Document with a New Name

Lesson 4.  

Select Text in a Document

Replace Selected Text

Align Text Horizontally

Align a Document Vertically

Set Line Spacing

Set Paragraph Spacing

Lesson 5.  

Set and Modify Tabs

Indent Text

Insert the Date and Time

Format a Modified-Block Business Letter

Create an Envelope

Lesson 6.  

About Fonts

Change the Font

Change Font Size

Apply Font Styles

Apply Underlines

Apply Text Effects

Clear Formatting

Lesson 7.  

Create Bulleted Lists

CreateNumbered Lists

Customize Bullets


Lesson 8.  

Insert and Resize Pictures

Scan a Picture for use in a Document

Moving a Picture

Wrap Text Around a Picture

Apply Picture Styles and Artistic Effects

Add a Page Border

Lesson 9.  

Insert a Text Box

Move, Resize, and Format a Text Box

Insert a Shape

Move, Resize, and Format a Shape<