Professionalism: Skills for Workplace Success

Lydia E. Anderson / Sandra B. Bolt  
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November 2013
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Professionalism: Skills for Workplace Success
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For courses in Career/Workforce Readiness, Capstone and Internship/Externship related coursework, Human Relations, Professional and Career Development and Resume, Job Search and Interview Skills.

Professionalism: Skills for Workplace Success extends beyond a typical resume/job search text to seamlessly emphasize the relationship between resume development, job search skills, and human relations.

Developed with input from industry leaders, it addresses topics students need to know when transitioning from campus to the workplace using case examples, activities, exercises, online video, and an interactive website. Updated to reflect the latest in technology tools and the business climate, this third edition sets the standard by skillfully merging self-management topics, workplace basics, relationships and career planning tools.

TECHNOLOGY OFFERING: MyStudentSuccessLab is available with this book upon request. It is an online solution designed to help students ‘Start strong, Finish stronger’ by building skills for ongoing personal and professional development . Go to for a Point and Click DEMO of the Time Management module.


Hallmark Features

  • Fills the NBEA Professional Development course requirement and includes topics such as:
  • Job search strategies
  • Resume development
  • Goal setting and life management
  • Time management
  • Personal finance
  • Ethics, politics and diversity
  • Business etiquette and dress
  • Human resources
  • Conflict and negotiation and more

Covers material on both resume/job search strategies and human relations in one complete text–which seamlessly emphasizes the relationship between resume development, job search skills, and human relations.

Uses a modular format that provides maximum flexibility–so instructors can cover main topics (self-management; workplace basics; relationships; career planning tools) in an order that meets their course goals.

Presents topics employers expect students to know before entering the workforce–using Professionalism Video Cases that illustrate making ethical choices, workplace etiquette, proper dress and deportment, customer service orientation, conflict management, meeting management and more!

Includes hands-on exercises and activities that reinforce learning–such as interactive resumes and cover letters, If You Were the Boss activities, Workplace Dos and Don'ts, Web Quizzes, Talk it Out sections and more!

New to this Edition

New! The latest on technology tools and technology etiquette. Discussed throughout every chapter and integrated into the job search and quality/service chapters. Shows how to use technology tools such as smart phones, tablets, texting, wikis, blogs, and social media to improve the job search process and human relationships. (Ex. - In all chapters).

New! Two chapters dedicated to workplace communication. Presents traditional communication basics (written, oral, non-verbal) in one chapter and digital communication technologies in another so readers understand how these communication forms work both independently and together. (Ex. - Chapters 9 and 10).

New! Three separate chapters on the job search, the resume package and the interview process. Breaks down the job search process into three distinct steps, making it more manageable for students as they view examples, create samples and tackle the current economic environment. (Ex. - Module 4).

New! Expanded coverage of entrepreneurship and career changes. Addresses a common career track that has grown in popularity because of the nation's high unemployment rate. (Ex. - Chapter)


New! How Do You Rate introductory assessments and introductory paragraphs. Involves students immediately in chapter content and explains why the chapter content matters to workplace success. (Ex. - Begin each chapter).

New! Updated Cory stories. Reflect current ethical and workplace dilemmas. Provides a consistent case study that guides students through realistic workplace situations. (Ex. - In all chapters).

Under TECHNOLOGY AND PEARSON CHOICES Replace existing section with the following copy...


MyStudentSuccessLab ( is an online solution designed to help students ‘Start strong, Finish stronger’ by building skills for ongoing personal and professional development. This Learning Outcome based technology promotes student engagement through:

· The Learning Path Diagnostic offers for the course, 83 Full Course Pre- and Post-Diagnostic (Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels I-VI) questions, and for each topic, 20 Pre- and Post-Test (Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels I-VI) questions.

· The Overview provides learning objectives to build vocabulary and repetition.

· Video interviews on key issues ‘by students, for students’.

· The Practice exercises improve class preparation and learning.

· Graded Activities build critical thinking skills and develop problem-solving abilities (includes Essays and Journaling).

· Instructors benefit from an Implementation Guide to easily assign and assess progress.

· Students have access to relevant FinishStronger247 YouTube videos, the Pearson student Facebook page chock full of tips, MySearchLab use for doing effective research, and more.

Table of Contents


1.    Attitude, Goal Setting and Life Management

2.    Personal Financial Management

3.    Time and Stress Management/Organization Skills

4.    Etiquette/Dress



5.    Ethics, Politics, and Diversity

6.    Accountability and Workplace Relationships

7.    Quality Organizations and Service

8.    Human Resources and Policies 



9.   Communication

10.   Electronic Communications

11.   Motivation, Leadership and Teams

12.   Conflict and Negotiation  



13.   Job Search Skills

14.   Resumé Package

15.   Interview Techniques

16.   Career Changes