Coaching and Mentoring Skills (NetEffect Series)

Prentice Hall
Andrew J. DuBrin  
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June 2004
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For courses in Human Relations, Applied Psychology, Leadership, and Supervision.


This practical, hands-on text covers twelve key areas of skill development that enable today's students to become effective coaches and mentors of tomorrow. It contains useful and serious advice - based on research, theory, and practice-encouraging innovation, improvement, and the type of individual contributions that create an environment of corporate success and continuous learning.


Case study exercises-Familiarize students with real-world problems, and gets them thinking about how to solve them.

Self-assessment exercises-Helps students relate chapter content to their own development and experiences, and keeps them interested in the material.

Skill-building exercises-Gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned-and become productive, results-oriented coaches and mentors.

Boxed inserts-Provide additional topical information that offer students a more in-depth and insightful perspective.

Lists of additional readings and Web site links-Supplies students with access to a number of invaluable sources to further their understanding and study of mentoring and coaching.


Table of Contents

  1. Building Trust.

  2. Showing Empathy.

  3. Active Listening.

  4. Using Influence Tactics.

  5. Helping Others Set Goals.

  6. Monitoring Performance.

  7. Giving Feedback.

  8. Encouraging Positive Actions.

  9. Discouraging Negative Actions.

10. Training Team Members.

11. Helping Others Solve Problems.

12. Helping Difficult People.

13. Developing Protégés.


An accomplished author, Andrew J. DuBrin, Ph.D., brings to his work years of research experience in business psychology. His research has been reported in Entrepreneur, Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Small Biz, and more than 100 other national magazines and local newspapers. An active speaker, Dr. DuBrin has appeared as a guest on over 350 radio and television shows. He has published numerous articles, textbooks, and well-publicized professional books. Dr. DuBrin received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University and is currently teaching leadership and organizational behavior at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Reader Review(s)

"Understanding Performance is a helpful section for any supervisor . . . . Down-to-earth suggestions! . . . . Straightforward approach . . . . Great material with realistic illustrations . . . ." - Diane Paul, Trainer and Instructor

"This is a practical, easy to read book that presents information that can be used immediately in a variety of circumstances . . . . I enjoyed the book very much." - Kristopher Blanchard

"Practical skill-building exercises . . . questions are thought-provoking . . . . The action plan-this is a practical, real-life tool that a reader can take away and implement." - Marnie Green, Management Education Group

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