Organisational Behaviour and Analysis

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Derek Rollinson  
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June 2008
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Organisational Behaviour and Analysis
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A comprehensive introduction to Organisational Behaviour, steering a neutral path through the sociological, psychological and managerial approaches to the discipline. It balances coverage of the micro- (organisational behaviour) with the macro- (organisational analysis) level issues, with a cross-cultural theme running through the book.

It is written for students on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in business, or business-related disciplines.


Among the most valuable features and aids to learning in the book are:

  • OB in Actionfeatures provide short illustrations showing the practical application of specific issues in a real-world context

  • Case Studies give a bigger picture of key themes in each chapter
  • Critical Reflections encourage the application of personal experience and critical thinking to the issues in question

  • Key Terms highlighted in the text and defined both at the margin and in a full Glossary.

New to this Edition

New to the fourth edition based on what our customers wanted:

·         New integrative case studies at the end of parts 2, 3, 4 and 5

·         Cross-national and cross-cultural issues dispersed across all chapters (rather than concentrated in one) e.g. different styles of leadership according to national culture in Leadership chapter

·         More international and real-world case studies

·         Increased emphasis on the practical applications of OB and OA 

·         Focus on key contemporary issues such as CSR, diversity and globalisation (ch.2)

Table of Contents

Section 1:  Introductory Concepts                                                                   

Chapter 1:      An Introduction to the Study of Organisations                                                            

Chapter 2:      The Contexts of Contemporary Organisations                                                              

Section 2:  Individual Characteristics                                                             

Chapter 3:      Personality, Intelligence and Aptitude                                                                            

 Chapter 4:     Perception                                                                                                                            

Chapter 5:      Attitudes and Emotions                                                                                                     

Integration 1:  Integrating Individual Characteristics

Integrative Case Study No. 1

Section 3:  The Intrapersonal Level (Individual Process

Back Cover

Organisational Behaviour and Analysis provides a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the subject. It steers a path through sociological, psychological and managerial approaches, making sense of a discipline that is enlivened by a multitude of perspectives and debates.


Ideal for students taking an introductory course in organisational behaviour on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, or as part of a professional qualification, this 4th edition provides cutting edge content:

·         integrative new integrative case studies to relate key themes across chapters

·         emphasis on international and cross-cultural issues throughout the book

·         enhanced focus on key themes such as corporate social responsibility and diversity


The book also contains valuable tools to help you succeed in your studies:


  • Short OB in Action features illustrate specific issues in a real-world context
  • Critical Reflections enable you to draw on the benefits of your own experience
  • Self-assessment questions, useful weblinks and a guide to using cases at




Derek Rollinson is a former Principal Lecturer at the Huddersfield University Business School, where he taught organisational behaviour. He is now an independent writer and researcher.


Derek Rollinson is a former Principal Lecturer at the Huddersfield University Business School.

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