Level Three Leadership: Getting Below the Surface

James G. Clawson  
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November 2013
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Level Three Leadership: Getting Below the Surface
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For undergraduate, graduate, and executive courses in leadership, organisational behaviour, and management.

A flexible approach to understanding and applying leadership.

Level Three Leadership (L3L) uses a flexible leadership model to help students and practicing managers understand and apply the principles of leadership. This text focuses on what managers can do to influence the thinking and feeling of others–rather than focusing on changing behaviour. The fifth edition has been significantly enhanced with additions based on the recommendations of reviewers and users.


  • Flexible Leadership Model. This text provides a flexible leadership model that guides students through the steps necessary to create their own, practically applicable, model for influencing others.
  • Diamond Model of Leadership. This model focuses on self and strategic tasks to influencing others while showing how to design functional organizations and manage change.
  • The Leadership Point of View (LPV). The material was written from a leadership point of view, encouraging students to ask the following questions:
  • Do I see what needs to be done?
  • Do I understand all the forces at play?
  • Do I have courage to act and make things better?
  • Chapter-ending summary on key concepts. These end-of-chapter questions encourage students to reflect on the key concepts in the chapter they just read. Also provided in the end-of-chapter material includes:
  • A short case to help students apply the concepts
  • A guidance workbook with related activities
  • An invitation to submit more caselets online
  • The text includes chapters on the Language of Leadership and how speech can help them to lead more effectively.
  • A new six-point decision model has been included in the chapter on Leadership and Ethics.
  • A new discussion on stress management has also been included in this edition.

New to this Edition

NEW! Provide the latest information:

  • A newsix-point decision model has been included in the chapter on Leadership and Ethics.
  • A new discussion on stress management has also been included in this edition.

Table of Contents

Section One: Introduction    
Chapter 1. The Leadership Point of View    
Chapter 2. The Diamond Model of Leadership in Organizations    
Chapter 3. Levels of Leadership    
Section Two: Strategic Frames     
Chapter 4. The Changing Context of Leadership    
Chapter 5. Strategic Thinking
Chapter 6. The Ethical Imperative of Level Three Leadership  
Chapter 7. Innovation and Leadership
Chapter 8. Personal, Work Group, and Organizational Charters
Section Three: Self
Chapter 9. Self Leadership
Chapter 10. A Leader’s Guide to Why People Behave the Way They Do    
Chapter 11. The Reb Model    
Chapter 12. Leadership and Intelligence    
Chapter 13. Resonance, Leadership, and the Purpose of Life
Chapter 14. The Global Leader
Section Four: Leading Others
Chapter 15. Leading Others
Chapter 16. The Appeal of Level One Leadership
Chapter 17. The Limits of Level Two Leadership
Chapter 18. The Focus and Impact of Level Three Leadership
Chapter 19. Six Steps to Effective Leadership  
Chapter 20. The Language of Leadership
Chapter 21. Leading Teams
Section Five: Leading Design
Chapter 22. Leading by Design
Chapter 23. Human Resource Management Systems
Chapter 24. Leading Change
Section Six: Conclusion
Chapter 25. Conclusion
Section Seven: Workbook, Exercises, Bibliography, Appendix
Chapter 26: Workbook