Essentials of Management Science

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Morten Helbaek / Brock McLellan  
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July 2010
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Essentials of Management Science
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The study of Management Science, or Operations Research, looks at how mathematically-based models are used to generate optimal solutions for business problems.

This text provides a brief introduction to these models and gives a concise and balanced view of the most widely used applications. The book shows how managers can use scientific ideas and methods to solve business problems, describing a range of examples in everyday use.

Giving students plenty of practice and worked examples of a range of quantitative techniques, the text avoids formal proofs and derivations, concentrating instead on applications in a business context. Where software can assist managers in decision-making, Excel is the package that is most regularly used and therefore examples are given in this format.


  • Coverage of decision making at both operational and strategic level.

  • Mathematical notation and jargon kept to a minimum.

  • Worked examples, problems, self-assessment questions, discussion questions and chapter reviews give students plenty of practice and support.

  • Strong emphasis on the applications of management science to the real world.

  • Concise and clear coverage of both deterministic and probabilistic models.

  • Extensive use of questions and Excel examples.

  • Solutions to problems are provided in the back of the book.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Linear Programming

3. Integer Programming

4. Transportation and other Network Models

5. Goal and Nonlinear Programming

6. Project Management

7. Decision Theory

8. Queuing Models

9. Simulation

10. Forecasting

11. Inventory Management


Back Cover

Essentials of Management Science

Morten Helbaek & Brock McLellan


So, you’re taking a course in management science - or operations research - and it’s a challenge. Many textbooks are intimidating in their length and detail and may seem more than you need. Isn’t there another way to master the subject and pass your course?

Yes, there is and it’s in your hands. Essentials of Management Science is the book that tells you just what you need to know – nothing more, nothing less.


Essentials of Management Science is written specifically for anyone taking a first course in the subject, and provides a concise overview of key mathematical models for making business decisions. Using a range of examples in everyday use, it shows clearly how managers use scientific methods to solve business problems.


Essentials of Management Science encourages you to practise your quantitative decision-making and problem-solving skills with its own successful formula:

Theory in Action vignettes showing practical applications and real-world relevance


Key models clearly explained and illustrated with Excel-based examples


Problems at the end of the chapter encouraging you to put techniques into practice


Solutions to problems at


Knowledge and skills to pass your course


So become a model student, and forecast yourself a good grade by using Essentials of Management Science.



Morten Helbaek is an experienced teacher and researcher in management science and is currently Associate Professor at Nord-Trondelag University College, Norway.

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